USC Is After Arizona's Top 2011 Prospect

Top 2011 Arizona prospect Christian Westerman from Hamilton High in Chandler, Ariz., received his written offer from USC on Sept. 2. And Chris Westerman, Christian's father, told us, "Christian was pumped when he got the offer from USC. He's gotten other great offers, but he had a little bit different look on his face when the offer from USC came in."

Westerman added, "Christian has always liked USC. I would say he has 100 t-shirts in his closet and about 20 of them have college logos on them, I would say 12 of them are USC. He also has a USC schedule poster on his wall."

USC was one of the first schools to offer Westerman a scholarship after a stand-out performance at the June Rising Stars Camp. He was the top offensive linemen and will be one of Pat Ruel's (offensive line) top priorities next year. He's even received offers from schools he's never spoken to.

"Christian got a few weird offers,"Westerman said. "He got offers from UCLA and Notre Dame, and he's never talked anyone from those schools. He also got a weird e-mail from Urban Meyer at around 12:30 a.m. He said, 'I was watching your film today and I liked it so much, I couldn't sleep. That's why I'm sending this e-mail so late.'"

If that's as weird as it gets, the Westerman's will be lucky. But for now, Chris Westerman is a proud father, proud of how hard his son has worked and how humble he's remained. And Chris Westerman wants to be close to his son while he's in college. He wants to enjoy church services every sunday he can with his son and wife, he wants to be at all of his games and simply wants to be a huge part of Christian's life while he's in college. Not to tell Christian what to do, how to do it or be an overbearing presence, the Westerman's just like being together as often as they can. Lucky kid, this Christian Westerman.

One might think all of that gives the Arizona schools a mighty advantage, but that's not the case according to Mr. Westerman.

"We want to be near Christian wherever he goes to school, but a school like USC isn't far away," Westerman said. "We can even move to Orange County if Christian ends up at USC. My job allows me to be located just about anywhere on the West Coast. And I'm originally from Orange County and played for Bob Johnson at El Toro, so we're familiar with the area. I also was an offensive lineman at Cal.

"I was reading something on a Cal message board where some were asking how Christian could consider any other school since I went there? Well, I didn't have an offer from SC. If I had, I probably would have gone to SC."

Christian has more than 10 offers now and more will certainly come in before be begines his senior season. Although it's still early in the process, it appears USC will be a school Christian Westerman considers highly until this process comes to an end. Wouldn't even be a surprise if he ends up a Trojan. Top Stories