USC and California are Uko's top schools

George Uko,'s No. 1 ranked defensive tackle on the West Coast, from Don Lugo High in Chino, Calif., has had USC and Oregon as his top schools, then many thought it was USC and UCLA, but after an official visit to California last weekend, his father, Johnson Uko, told us now USC and California are now George's top-two schools.

"I would say that is true," when Johnson Uko was asked if USC and California were George's top schools. "George used have SC, Oregon and Cal, so Cal has always been there. It's not something that just popped up.

"It was a very nice reception at Cal and everyone came by one by one to see him. There are some very nice people up there."

Although he has a Nov. 14 official visit set up for Oregon, Uko may end up picking a school before then.

"I don't know if George is going to commit this month, but he's not going to make a decision on a school until he officially visits USC," Uko said. "And that could happen soon, he's planning on visiting USC when they play Washington State (Sept. 26).

"Like he did at Cal, he wants to talk to different people from different programs, he wants to talk to the academic advisors, the people responsible for ensuring the players go to class on time and their school work is going very well, he wants to see what the school is like, what the players are like and see what the student body is like. So, he likes Cal and SC. You know he likes SC a lot and I like SC a lot."

It's obvious academics are extremely important to George Uko and his family, but so is the strength of the alumni.

"The alumi is major, it‘s major" said Uko. "I like the USC alumni a lot because it's one of the strongest in the nation. USC offers a great education, so I'm not worried about that. Cal offers a great education, but USC is superb, too. I like USC, what can I say?

So, whether USC or California ends up signing George Uko, the fortunate school will be getting one of the elite football players in the country.

We'll have more on George Uko after he visits USC on Sept. 26-27. Top Stories