Huestis Recaps USC Visit

While the eyes of USC nation are focused on Saturday's titanic gridiron battle with Ohio State, the men's basketball program is busy recruiting. SC Playbook catches up with Josh Huestis to recap his weekend visit.

This time a year ago, few outside of the state of Montana had any idea who Josh Huestis was. Now, the 6-foot-7 senior from Great Falls C.M. Russell finds himself the apple of several high major programs eye. Last weekend, Huestis was in Los Angeles to take an official visit to USC.

After proving himself with Dinos Trigonis Belmont Shore squad during the summer, Huestis is exuding confidence as he works his way through official and in home visits. A power forward in high school, he also felt good about being able to transition to the wing in college.

"Going out there and doing as well as I did, it made me really happy," said Huestis. "I was like ok, this is the very first summer I've played the small forward position and I did well. So I think to myself how much better can I get and I'm excited to see how much better I can get from here."

A lean and long athlete who can play above the rim, Huestis said it was important to get to know Trojans boss Kevin O'Neill on a personal level after hearing some mixed things prior to his visit.

"I had a great time. I got to meet all the players, other recruits and the coaches. I really liked everybody," Huestis told SC Playbook. "There's been those rumors circulating about coach O'Neill and how he is as a coach and person, I got to see for myself and he's a great guy."

"It was total opposite of what I've heard. I'm glad I got to see that."

While USC was his first official visit, it was an Ivy League program who had first crack at an in home visit with Huestis.

"I had my first one yesterday (Wednesday),Harvard came in," said Huestis. "It was good, I finally got to meet the coach. He showed us some academic videos and then basketball highlight tapes."

"I really didn't know what to expect because I haven't had a lot of exposure to Ivy League basketball living this far away. It seems like a good program."

Of course, Harvard won't be his last visitor. Oregon State swung by his home for a visit on Thursday and they'll be followed by Colorado on Friday, USC on Sunday, Stanford on the 14th and Rice on the 15th. Additionally, he's talking to Georgetown and Gonzaga about possible in home visits.

He'll then trip out to Harvard next weekend and there's a good chance that he sets a visit with Stanford after their in home. As for what he's looking for, it's pretty simple. Like any young guy he's interested in potentially playing on the next level, but finding an honest coach is very important.

"I want the coach to be honest with me.," said Huestis. "That's one of the things I really like with Coach O'Neill. He was really honest with me."

While the decision is ultimately up to him, Huestis says that he'll look to a small group of family for guidance and to help him decide who really has his best interests at heart. Though his recruitment could drag into the spring, it's looking like what began with a visit to USC over the weekend will most likely end in the early signing period.

"As of right now I see myself making a decision before this coming basketball season," said Huestis. "That's not set in stone, but it's what I'm thinking right now." Top Stories