PHOTOS: Trojan Road Trip

Matt Barkley, Damian Williams and the USC Trojans are looking for a big win on the road this Saturday in Columbus. SCPlaybook's Kevin Carden takes you behind the scenes and into USC's Friday walkthrough at the Horseshoe.

Josh Pinkard and Malcolm Smith

Marc Tyler and Adam Goodman

Averell Spicer

Ohio State fan

Jim Tressel and Woody Hayes

Ken Norton Jr. and Travon Patterson

Ken Norton Jr.

Allen Bradford, Charles Brown and Matt Kalil

The Trojans enter the Horseshoe.

Matt Barkley

Jarvis Jones

The Horseshoe

Byron Moore

C.J. Gable

Allen Bradford

Damian Williams

T.J. McDonald

Frankie Telfort

Pat Ruel

QB sneak past the media.

Josh Pinkard and T.J. Bryant

Ohio State Scoreboard

- All photos by Kevin Carden

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