Quoting Carroll: OSU Post-Game

The USC Trojans escaped Columbus with an 18-15 victory over the No.8 Ohio State Buckeyes. SCPlaybook's Kevin Carden caught up with Pete Carroll after the game to get the coaches thoughts on the big win.

Carroll on the Trojans' 18-15 win over Ohio State:

"This was a terrific night of football and both defenses did not let up. Ohio State's defense did a great job and it took every second to get it done. It was a very special game and we will cherish it for a long time. Joe (McKnight) highlighted the last drive for us and it took every play and every guy on our team. It was a really fun atmosphere with the crowd. It was a defensive night for both teams."

Carroll on USC's game-winning drive:

"I just think it was a beautiful job. Jeremy (Bates) did a great job of calling the whole sequence, and of course Matt did his stuff, Joe (McKnight) was really the highlight bringing it up the field and there was a big play to Anthony McCoy in there too… We challenged the guys before the last drive with 80 or so yards to go and they came up big. Ohio State played really good."

Carroll on freshman quarterback Matt Barkley:

"I understood why a lot of people would question Matt, but he is a legitimate player. The guy is really confident but not cocky. He is a complete football player and it's great to see him be successful so early in his career. He showed us he could take the team through a fourth quarter in a tough environment."

Carroll on the play of Joe McKnight during the final drive:

"He was the real deal in that drive. Joe had a fantastic ending to that game. That was just a marvelous sequence for Joe, and that was probably the first time that he has been under that kind of pressure for us in a game-winning situation and he came through, and did a marvelous job."

Carroll on the maturation of Joe McKnight:

"Joe has just really matured. He'd be the first to tell you. I think he made the statement that he graded this first two years as failing because he missed out on the opportunities, in the sense of really being serious and really being prepared in the way that he is now.

"He looks like at it like a guy that has really been around and been through the battles. He's a different guy right now."

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