Tuesday Practice: Barkley Unable to Throw

USC quarterback Matt Barkley wasn't able to pass for the second straight day on Tuesday and his status for Saturday's matchup against the Washington Huskies is still uncertain. Look inside for updates on Barkley, Mays and much more.

Barkley Unable to Throw

USC quarterback Matt Barkley wasn't able to pass for the second straight day on Tuesday and his status for Saturday's matchup against the Washington Huskies is still uncertain.

"Doctors are holding me out because of my shoulder," Barkley said. "I wish I could be out there. Hopefully, I'll be out there tomorrow, but we'll see."

The freshman signal caller tried to throw earlier in the day but wasn't able to because of discomfort in his bruised right shoulder.

"I tried to throw this morning, and it was pretty bad," Barkley said. "Hopefully, the swelling goes down."

Barkley said he has seen some improvement in the shoulder but still isn't able to rotate it enough to throw the ball.

"I've gotten a lot more movement, but I thought I was going to be able to throw today just because of what I was able to do with movement and being able to rotate it," he said. "But when I tried to actually do it, to do a fast throwing motion, it hurt."

Pete Carroll said that Barkley remains day to day and would wait to see how Barkley's shoulder responds on Wednesday.

"Gotta wait till tomorrow and see what happens. Nothing's changed. Just go day to day and see where it fits," Carroll said. "Meanwhile, we're getting Aaron ready to go. We'll just make a determination here when it seems right and we've got enough input.

"Fortunately, we have a tremendous alternative at the quarterback spot. We know Aaron can play. We don't have any question on that at all. If the situation wasn't that, in a couple days we might be thinking different. We're very fortunate. I'm excited to see him play if he gets a chance to go, and hopefully he'll do really well."

Corp had a solid practice and looked very comfortable scrambling out of the pocket and running with the ball.

"I felt good running the ball, bootlegs, that kind of stuff," Corp said. "I'm excited to practice right now. This is my chance to show off. I love going out there, practicing and competing."

The sophomore quarterback said he feels close to 100 percent and is ready to play if needed.

"I'm glad to get a full practice back. It was fun," Corp said. "I'm close, real close. About 95 percent I'd say."

Whether it's Barkley or Corp that gets the call on Saturday, Carroll said the offense and play calling will remain largely the same.

"They both have learned the offense. I can't tell you they're exactly the same. But they can execute the offense and all of the same plays," Carroll said. "Some of the results will be a little different because their makeup is different.

"We'll expect to see Aaron take off some and run. You've already seen it in the couple of days we've practiced here. I totally am in favor of him doing that. I wouldn't talk to Matt that way. It's different. Other than that, the plays are the same."

Mays Gets a Brace

Safety Taylor Mays was also sidelineed today after suffering a grade two MCL sprain in the Trojans' win over Ohio State.

"It's not pain, it's just a little stiff and it feels uncomfortable," he said.

Mays was able to do some light work with the training staff during practice but wasn't able to do any running.

"I am going to see how I feel later this week. That's all I can do," said Mays, who received a knee brace on Tuesday. "I didn't run today, just some lunges and that was about it.

"If I had to play today I don't think I could play but hopefully it will feel better by the end of the week. It felt better today than it did yesterday and so I did some stuff today. Hopefully it will feel better tomorrow. We are four days away so I might be alright."

While Mays status is still uncertain, he could play on Saturday without practicing this week according to head coach Pete Carroll.

"There's no written rule on how to do this in our program," Carroll said. "You do it based on the information that you get and your gut feeling and all the rest of it. That's how we'll do it.

"He's been here for four years. He's been playing the defense forever."

Mays added: "I have had a lot of practices since I have been here. I think I could get it done. I think if I am mentally focused I could get that done. I never really did that before but I think I could pull it off."

Hot Reads

- Taylor Mays, Armond Armstead, Marc Tyler, Charles Brown and James Boyd were among the players that didn't participate in practice on Tuesday.

Charles Brown was out for the second straight day with the flu. If Brown is unable to play on Saturday then Butch Lewis would start in his place at left tackle.

- Utility man Garrett Green worked out with the wide receivers on Wednesday.

"This is because of the cut down in roster size for the travel roster," Carroll said. "Just to make him available to us. He knows the offense but he's got to work at it so he can fill in and help us out."

- USC freshman DB Patrick Hall isn't enrolled in classes this semester and the date to add classes has passed. Carroll said they expect Hall to be back by next spring.

- Taylor Mays, who will wear a brace on his injured knee, was asked if he had ever played with a brace before and quickly replied, "I played with braces on my teeth but not a knee brace. I have never really had a brace like this. This is clunky. I feel like an offensive lineman."

- If Taylor Mays is unable to start Saturday then Drew McAllister would be the next in line at safety if healthy.

"If Drew McAllister can go, he would," Carroll said. "He got some work today and looked pretty good. That's a good sign."

McAllister missed the Ohio State game with a hip flexor.

- Pete Carroll said this week's game against Washington will be special because he really enjoys coaching against the people that he knows.

"As far as the relationship going into this game, there's nothing I've liked more than playing against people that I really love, and friends and people that I've worked with," Carroll said. "For whatever sordid reason that is, I don't know. I can't explain it, but it's fun to go against our guys."

Safety Taylor Mays didn't practice on Tuesday. (Jaime Rodriguez Photo)

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