Jordan Campbell finally getting his shot

My phone was ringing but I couldn't hear the ring because I was blasting a live version of Jimmy Buffett's "Trying to reason with hurricane season." But I glanced over to the passenger seat of my car and noticed the screen of my Blackberry was lit up. It was Jordan Campbell calling to tell me he was starting this Saturday against washington State.

"Trying to reason with Hurricane season," that pretty much sums up Campbell's career since he arrived at USC in 2007.

"Jordan has worked hard and has done everything the coaches have asked of him," said his mother Colleen Campbell when we spoke a month ago. "We just hope he gets a chance to play and show everyone what he can do."

Well, now you will NorcoMama.

"Coach Norton and I have talked all week and he said I needed to be ready to start," Campbell said. "So, I've mentally prepared for this and I'm excited about the opportunity."

Coach Carroll told the press after practice Campbell would start and Carroll has been one of Campbell's biggest supporters.

There will certainly be a large number of Campbell's family at the Coliseum and sitting on the edge of their seats at home on Saturday.

I've known the Campbell's for more than four years and Saturday is a day they have dreamed about for many, many years. They have had so many devastating moments in their lives the past six to seven years and I have to admit, I had a huge smile on my face when Jordan gave me the news. I thought about how thrilled Titus and Colleen Campbell would be when Jordan phoned them. I know many Trojans will too, knowing one of their favorite players is finally getting his shot.

We will talk to Jordan and his family after the game on Saturday. Top Stories