Grimble is as solid as a rock

Xavier Grimble committed to USC on April 23 and there were a few weeks where college coaches called him to ask if his commitment to the Trojans was solid, and he told them it was.

"There were a couple of weeks after I committed to USC when coaches called," but I'm USC all the way," said Grimble "I'm really excited about getting to USC and being a part of an offense that should be really good for years to come. I like how the tight end is such an important part of the offense. Sometimes I've seen three tight ends in the game at the same time."

Being a part of an offense that utilizes the tight end extensively, being a part of a program with an energetic and an NFL experienced coaching, a program that is close knit and having a chance to win national championships are all reasons Grimble said he's excited about getting to USC, but his future quarterback is another reason he's looking forward to joining the Trojans.

"Matt Barkley is special and I can't wait to be around him and players like that," said Grimble. "I am really looking forward to playing with Matt. He's a great guy and has become a leader on and off the field.

As excited as Grimble is to become a Trojan, I'm sure Matt Barkley is feeling fortunate he'll have such an impressive target to throw to until it's his turn to enter the NFL draft. Grimble's statistics from last season wouldn't blow anyone away, but Bishop Gorman has a new coach who incorporated the spread offense. Last year Bishop Gorman ran a run-oriented offense and Grimble finished the season with 13 receptions and 300 yards. This season, under new head coach Tony Sanchez, Grimble has become a major focus of the offense.

"I already have more catches and yard receiving than I did all of last year," Grimble said. "I have 16 receptions, more than 400 yards and two touchdowns.

And Grimble welcomes the weight of becoming a leader and a main target of the Bishop Gorman offense.

"I thrive on the pressure of carrying the offense," said Grimble. "I want to be the guy that gets the ball in pressure situations."

Grimble and his cousin Jalen Grimble, as well as their parents, will at USC when the Trojans play Oregon State. Jalen will also accompany Xavier when he officially visits USC. Grimble doesn't have a visit date set, yet.

We'll be in Las Vegas next month to attend a Bishop Gorman game. We will talk to both Grimbles again at that time.

FYI Jalen Grimble has high interest in USC. Top Stories