Locked in with USC

USC knew Randall Telfer was an extremely talented football player than most who follow college football recruiting and although his film from the 2008 season was solid, it didn't do him any justice. Once you see Telfer in person, the only word that comes to mind is, "WOW"!

High school tight ends generally don't rack up huge receiving numbers, but Telfer has an impressive 11 receptions for 257 yards, one touchdown and a 23.36 yards per catch average. Not bad for the first four games.

Someone in my family saw Telfer play against Charter Oaks and commented, "Randall Telfer is a beast," he said. "That kid is going to be a stud."

I relayed that message to Telfer.

"I just play my game and do what the coaches tell me to do to help our team win," said Telfer. "If you want to say it's been impressive, that's cool and everything, but I just want to get the win. I've had a couple of big plays and also played some defense, too."

And Rancho Cucamonga is off to a stellar start to the season, in large part because of Telfer's efforts on offense and defense.

"We're doing pretty well, we're 4-0 and coming off a bye week," said Telfer about the start of the 2009 season. "We have Temecula Valley tonight and we're looking pretty good at practice, so hopefully we're going to win another game."

As long as Telfer's team wins, he's satisfied, but he has no complaints about how he's performed individually. Perhaps he's even a bit too humble, which is never a bad thing.

"There's always room for improvement, but there's nothing I'm going to beat myself up for," said Telfer about his play so far. "Hopefully I can get some more catches and run for more yards. As long as we get the win, I'm cool with it."

Telfer is a solid USC commit, but that hasn't stopped other schools from recruiting him.

"Just the schools that have offered me," said Telfer . "The Oregon coach called me, I got a call from a Tennessee coach and a Washington coach called about a few other guys on my team, and he told my coach the offer is still good and they still need me. But I'm locked in with USC."

He's locked in with USC and locked into catching passes from USC quarterback, Matt Barkley, who Telfer has a tremendous amount of respect for as a person and a football player.

"Matt Barkley is a great guy and definitely a leader on and off the field," said Telfer. And I think the offense is progressing nicely with him at quarterback. He's also involved with The Fellowship for Christian Athletes, and I'm also involved with that at my school. I really excited to get a chance to play with Matt when I get there."

We asked Telfer if he's had an conversations with the USC staff about the possibility of occasionally lining up at wide receiver?

"We've talked about it a little bit, but it's not a main priority for me," said Telfer. "They're talking about me playing the H-Back and if I get bigger, the traditional tight end. Right now it's strictly H-Back and I'm actually really cool with that. It's a great opportunity."

Playing wide receiver may not be a priority for Telfer, but he's a priority for the Trojans.

"I talk to Brennan Carroll every Monday," Telfer said.

We'll have an update this weekend on how Rancho Cucamonga fared tonight.

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