Andre Caldwell discusses final options

WeAreSC caught up with Tampa Jefferson's Andre Caldwell. Rumors have been swirling recently that the big time wide receiver had eliminated some schools from consideration. He discusses that, and specifically where the Trojans stand.

WeAreSC- Signing day is less than a week away now.  What schools are you still looking at?


Caldwell- "Florida, Florida State, Miami, USC, and LSU."


WeAreSC- Do you have any leaders out of that group?


Caldwell- "No, not right now."


WeAreSC- There's been some reports that have you leaning a little more toward Miami and Florida.  Is there any truth to that?


Caldwell- "No."


WeAreSC- What do you like about the five schools that you're down to?


Caldwell- "All of the schools, they're all winning programs, they all pass the ball a lot, and they just have great coaches.  They know how to prepare players for the NFL.  They also don't have a problem with playing freshmen."


WeAreSC- Have you been having a lot of in-home visits lately?


Caldwell- "I had most of them earlier, but Coach Carroll came yesterday."


WeAreSC- How did that visit go?


Caldwell- "It was a good visit.  He came in and told me a lot of stuff that I want to hear.  He told me how I'd fit in the offense and how wide open it is.  He said they're ready for me to come up there and play, and that they're looking forward to having me up there."


WeAreSC- What are your thoughts on Coach Carroll?


Caldwell- "He's a good guy and I got along with him on my visit.  He did a good job when he came in and he said some good stuff."


WeAreSC- What coach do you talk to most of the time from USC?


Caldwell- "Coach Kiffin.  He's a young guy but he knows a lot about the game and he knows how to work a player to his full potential."


WeAreSC- Talk a little about that offense at USC and where the coaches have talked to you about fitting in at.


Caldwell- "They said that I'd fit in real good because I'm a fast guy but I also can make people miss, so I can play either wide out position."


WeAreSC- Looking at the different schools, and with less than a week to signing day, what are the factors that you're looking at most right now in choosing a school?


Caldwell- "I'm looking back on my visits.  If I felt comfortable around the people and players, and somewhat, if I fit into the offense."


WeAreSC- Is distance from home a factor?


Caldwell- "It doesn't really matter to me."


WeAreSC- Do you have any official visits left?


Caldwell- "I'm going to Florida State this weekend.  That's the last one."


WeAreSC- Out of all of the official visits that you've taken so far, is there one that sticks out above the rest?


Caldwell- "Really, they were all good.  I had a good time at all of them and met cool people.  I think they were all fairly equal."


WeAreSC- Going back to that official visit at USC, what were some of the highlights of that trip?


Caldwell- "Probably just being around the players.  Getting their perspective of the coaches and how things work out there.  Just going out with the players and talking to the coaches about me in the program and how they would work me in."


WeAreSC- I heard you're buddies with Mike Williams.


Caldwell- "Yeah, He's from by me.  He was my host on the official visit.  We got along pretty cool.  He showed me some stuff out there.  He showed me how the football and academics work."


WeAreSC- What do you think of the year he had this past season?


Caldwell- "Yeah, that has an impact.  I know he's a good guy with great potential.  He just went out there and showed it off and I feel like I can go out there and do the same thing."


WeAreSC- I know your brother Reche plays out here in San Diego for the Chargers.  Has he given you any advice for the recruiting process?


Caldwell- "He just tells me not to go to a school because he went there or to try to be like him.  He just told me to go where I feel comfortable at and where I feel like I could play, where I can compete."


WeAreSC- Have you guys ever talked about the possibility of playing close to each other?


Caldwell- "We haven't talked about that yet.  He's always running around right now."


WeAreSC- USC is looking at another recruit from Tampa, Stephen Reaves.  Do you know anything about him?


Caldwell- "Yeah, we played against him.  He's very accurate, throws hard, and he's just a competitor.  He goes out there and competes every week."


WeAreSC- Do you have any more in-home visits coming up?


Caldwell- "No."


WeAreSC- I heard you have some big plans for your announcement.


Caldwell- "Yeah, I'll announce at 6 pm on ESPN on signing day." Top Stories