2011 Cathedral DT Favoring Three

Mustafa Jalil from Cathedral Catholic is San Diego is one huge kid. He's just a junior, but already 6-4 and 305 pounds. Last season, as a sophomore, he had 50 tackles, 20 tackles for loss, 10 sacks and five forced fumbles, and helped lead Cathedral to the 2008 California D-II State Championship. Jalil will surely be one of the most sought after 2011 West Coast prospects.

He was also named to the GoldenStatePreps.com All-State Super Sophomore Team, earned all-CIF, all-North County, all-Eastern league honors.

So, when Jalil showed up at the Coliseum when the Trojans played Washington State, the USC coaching staff was ecstatic.

"They were really happy that I came up for the game and it was great to see Coach (John) Morton and meet the other coaches for the first time," said Jalil about his first visit to USC. "Coach Morton has been down to a couple of our practices, so he's seen me play."

And USC is a school Jalil has high interest in and he could be a member of a spectacular 2011 defensive line class for the Trojans. It would be difficult for any school to match a defensive line class consisting of Mustafa Jalil, Antwaun Woods, Jalen Grimble and Greg Townsend Jr. There's a long way to go until these young men sign letters of intent, but as of this writing, USC is great shape for all four linemen.

"I have a lot of interest in USC, I probably have a top three," said Jalil when asked if how interested he was in the USC."Coach (Jethro) Franklin said there's a good possibility I could get an offer, but they want to get me up there for a couple of their camps. But I think if I continue to have a really good junior year, I think I should get a scholarship."

Jalil was asked what his impression of USC defensive line coach Jethro Franklin was?

"Coach Franklin coached in the NFL and has coached the best of the best, now he's back at USC," Jalil said. "You know he's a great coach if you can coach at USC. He's a great coach and a great guy. I first met him at USC's Junior Day."

The unofficial visit to USC was Jalil's first time experiencing what it's like at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

"It was breathtaking," said Jalil about his first time at the Coliseum. "I went to a UCLA game and it's 20 times better than UCLA. We had a perfect spot on the field before the game where all the football players come out, we got to watch the pre-game warm-ups and it was just phenomenal."

He hasn't met Pete Carroll, but Jalil has talked to him by phone and formed a favorable opinion of Coach Carroll.

‘He's the best," said Jalil of Coach Carroll. "I haven't had a chance to talk to him in person, but he's a great guy. From everything I've heard about him, read about him and seen on TV, he just a phenomenal coach."

Two schools are at the top of Jalil's list, but Washington is another school and staff that's impressed him.

"USC and Miami are for sure in my top-three, and I think Washington‘s (offered) going to squeeze into the top-three, too" said Jalil. "My interest in Washington is pretty high. I've been watching them a lot this year and they've really impressed me. I've talked often with the defensive line coach, Coach (Johnny) Nansen and I really liked the phone conversations I've had with him, and they've moved up a lot. I'm probably going to go up for a visit in a couple weeks or go up when they play Washington State. I'll for sure go up there for an unofficial visit."

Not many West Coast kids mention Miami as a school of interest, but Jalil has serious interest in the Canes.

"I just think their program is one of the best in the country and I‘d like to be a part of something like that," Jalil said about Miami. "I'm going to head out there for a visit when Miami plays Clemson on Oct. 24. I just sent my film out, talked to their d-line coach and hopefully they will have some good things to say about me."

Jalil said he will be a regular attendee at USC home games this season.

"I'll definitely be at more USC games this season," said Jalil. "I'll be for sure at the Oregon State game, the Stanford game and UCLA."

Cathedral is off to a 5-0 start and hopes to defend its state championship. It won't be easy replacing running back sensation Tyler Gafney, who is now at Stanford, but Jalil said they're doing just fine at running back in 2009.

"We're undefeated and we have a big game against Lincoln High School this week," said Jalil. "We have our entire O-line back there year except for our left tackle, who is at Oregon right now. We put in a 6-3 and 225 pound running back to replace Tyler (Gafney)."

Although just a junior, Jalil already has a regular routine for calling college coaches.

"I try to call Coach Morton every week to see what‘s up," Jalil said. "I call Washington once a week, too. And hopefully Miami will be impressed with my film and I'll start having a routine with them, too."

SCPlaybook will talk to Mustafa Jalil again after the Oregon State game in a couple of weeks.

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