Can Carroll 'Win Forever?'

Pete Carroll's success against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish is truly remarkable, but to be fair to Weis, Carroll has had that kind of success against just about every team he has faced. Look inside for more.

Pete Carroll coined the phrase ‘Win Forever' and it looks like he may be on the verge of doing just that against the rival Notre Dame Fighting Irish, after escaping South Bend on with a 34-27 win.

After losing to the Irish in his first year as the head coach at USC, Carroll has won eight straight games in the intersectional rivalry, which is USC's longest winning-streak in the series that dates back to 1926.

"It's awesome to play against Notre Dame when you're at USC. We are thrilled to have had the run we've had and hope to keep this thing rolling," Carroll said. "It's a big deal to us. It's special. So we got to hang onto it.

"We've been able to have a really consistent run at this thing. I can't tell you how thrilled I am to be able to say that. There's not a whole lot more you can enjoy when you're at SC."

So, what is it that has allowed Carroll to have so much success against the Fighting Irish: Is it simply better talent? Better coaching? Better preparation?

"I don't know," Carroll told reporters. "You guys figure that out."

According to Carroll there isn't any great mystery to USC's success, it's just a case of showing up ready to play on that given day.

"I just know when we play them, we wind up winning and we play better football on those days," he said. "It's about that day. Doesn't have anything to do with the past to me, doesn't have anything to do with the future.

"It's that day you play the game, you go for it."

What Carroll can't say in those situations but is obvious to college football fans everywhere is, he is a better coach than Charlie Weis and Tyrone Willingham, he recruits better players and does a better job of developing those players.

Carroll's success against Notre Dame is truly remarkable, but to be fair to Weis, Carroll has had that kind of success against just about every team he has faced.

"You want these rivalries to go in this order so our fans get used to it. They kind of get, you know, where it's what they expect," Carroll said. "It's what we want. The expectations are difficult and challenging but that's the only way we want it."

USC fans have been on the other side of a decade of dominance during the USC-Notre Dame rivalry, so you can be sure that they are enjoying every second of Carroll's run.

"It's really special for the SC family to continue to be on top of this rivalry," Carroll said. "I know they're going to enjoy the heck out of it. They deserve it. Grateful to give it to them."

But of course for a coach as motivated as Carroll the only game that matters is the next one.

"Next time around when they come to our place, we have to get it again and see if we can keep it going," said Carroll, whose other favorite phrase is ‘Always Compete.'

Pete Carroll has had remarkable success against Notre Dame (Jaime Rodriguez Photo)

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