Grimble talks USC visit and about Jeff Luc's No. 1 tight end Xavier Grimble from Bishop Gorman in Las Vegas has eagerly awaited his official visit to USC since his verbal commitment in April. And he wasn't disappointed with his experience, he was blown away. Enough so he wants to make a return visit in the future. If Bishop Gorman makes it to the Nevada state championship game, Grimble will have to wait until after the season.

"It was amazing," said Grimble about his official visit to USC last weekend. "I had so much that if I have a chance to come back, I will definitely go back for an unofficial visit. It was totally fun. First of all, my expectations were exceeded. I expected to go down there and have a good time, meet a couple more coaches, meet a couple more players and that was all I expected. But I had a lot of fun, bonded with a lot of coaches, a lot of players and they just made me feel at home."

Part of bonding with the players and coaches is attending the pre-game meetings, and experiencing what it's like when the Trojans prepare for a game.

"It was great and something I'm really looking forward to being a part of," said Grimble about being involved with USC's pre-game preparation . "When those guys are preparing for a game, they get hyped, then they settle down and focus on their assignments. At times there was total chaos with guys jumping up and down, and around, then the coaches came in a they were breaking down film and getting prepared for the game. It was a great experience."

Fellow Las Vegas resident Torin Harris was Grimble's host last weekend and he told Grimble what all of the players tell all USC prospects.

"He was basically just saying you are going to get better when you get to SC," said Grimble when asked what his host Torin Harris had to say about his time at USC. "Everything I've ever heard from all the players I talk to is I will become a better player. They all told me If I want to get better, this is the place to be. It's a great football atmosphere, everyone loves football and everybody wants to play."

There were numerous elite athletes from southern California in the locker room after the game, plus Grimble and Florida linebacker Jeff Luc. It seemed as if every prospect who met with USC head coach Pete Carroll had big smiles on their faces. We asked Grimble what it is about Carroll that puts recruits at ease.

"He's just been a great guy ever since I've been around him," said Grimble of Pete Carroll. "He hasn't known me that long, but every time I've been around him has been special, he makes you feel real comfortable and he's real down-to-earth. He's just a real straight-forward guy, he's fun, competitive and an all-around good guy."

We also asked Grimble if he spent much time with fellow official visitor, Jeff Luc?

"Yeah, we talked a lot and exchanged numbers and everything," said Grimble about his time spent with linebacker Jeff Luc during the visit. "We had a real good time together, too. He's a real cool guy."

And we couldn't resist asking Grimble if he felt the Trojans had any shot at Luc after the visit to USC?

"It's funny, when he first got there I was trying to find out what he was thinking, but by the end of the trip, I could tell USC had really made an impact on his decision," said Grimble. "USC has a couple of other guys from Florida and they were talking to him about how it's a long way to USC, but they gave him a briefing on how choosing USC is a great decision to make. They weren't trying to force him into anything, but they were just telling him what it's like. That was the great thing, everybody there was so welcoming and didn't treat you as a threat to taking playing time from them. They just said, ‘We want you come here and compete with us.'"

You don't often hear much about Marc Tyler aiding in USC's recruiting efforts, but he organized an impromptu meeting with many the elite prospects who were at the Oregon State game.

"One of the players (Marc Tyler) brought all of the recruits together and said, ‘Look, this is a special group and we can do some special things together," Grimble said. "It was Marc Tyler, me, Ronald Powell, Jesse Scroggins, Jeff Luc and he was just saying, this group could be real special and he wanted us to look down the road and know what we can be capable of. James Boyd and Trajuan Briggs were also there. Coach Ken Norton and Coach Carroll were standing nearby and said some of the same things to us."

This weekend is Bishop Gorman's final regular season game and they will head into the playoffs as a No. 1 seed in two weeks. We'll speak to Xavier Grimble after his first playoff game. Top Stories