Woods receives an impressive all-star invite

Taft junior defensive tackle Antwaun Woods told SCPlaybook he accepted in an invite to the 2011 Under Armour All-American game on Monday. He also said on Jan. 2 ESPN will air a pice on him being their No. 1 ranked defensive tackle. Woods has been a regular attendee and watcher of USC football games and we asked what he thought about USC's game at Oregon last weekend.

"I turned the game on kind of late, but I was surprised," said Woods about the 47-20 blowout victory over the Trojans. "I didn't get to see the whole game, but I was wondering what the heck was going on. And what was going on was SC couldn't stop a running quarterback. Oregon looked pretty good though and you win some, and you lose some."

And Woods said he knows what it like to play against an offense similar to Oregon's.

"Yes, we played Notre Dame and once an offense like that gets going, it's hard to stop, and we lost that game 45-27," said Woods when asked if Taft had ever faced an offense similar to Oregon‘s. "When you play against a team with a running quarterback, it‘s an extra player you have to account for. Normally you don‘t have to worry about the quarterback running the ball and you worry about the wide receivers. When a quarterback can throw and run, that‘s more of a threat because they can gain a lot of yards running on broken plays."

Did a performance like USC's last weekend weaken Woods' interest in USC?

"No, it doesn't because everyone loses games and SC lost a lot of defensive players they had last year," said Woods. "That's why I think SC lost."

Although USC has a couple of losses, Woods has been impressed with the way the Trojans have played. But he's also had an opportunity to watch a few others teams that have been extremely impressive, especially the defending national champs.

"Florida has impressed me a lot," said Woods. "They've had a couple of close games, but Tim Tebow seems to always finish them off. Oregon has surprised me, too."

It's a long ways off, but next year's USC/Oregon is sure to be a game many will tune into watch.

"That will be a great game to watch and I will be there," Woods said. "Matt Barkley might be a player like Tim Tebow in the next couple of years."

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