Moose pulls the trigger

Mustafa Jalail, who will be one of the top DT prospects in the 2011 class, told on Oct. 14 that he was favoring three schools, USC, Miami and Washington. But he decided on Friday (Nov. 6), that he wanted to play football at his hometown school and verbally committed to San Diego State.

"I was in my history class and asked the teacher if I coulkd make a quick phone call," Jalil said. "I called Coach (LeCharls) McDaniel and told him I wanted to commit. He said, 'I thought you wanted gto go to Miami,' and I said, 'Nope, I want to go to (San Diego) State.' I think Coach McDaniel was the most excited coach I have ever talked to."

There were a few important factors involved in Jalil making the decision to verbally commit to San Diego State this early in the process. One factor may have been more important than any other.

"I wanted to commit to my hometown school and help get some of the top players in San Diego to join me," said Jalil. "There will be a meeting at the end of the year about the top recruits in San Diego, and I told the coaches I want to be there. Hopefully my commitment can help get some of the top 2010 San Diego players to commit to San Diego at State?"

Jalil verbally committed to San Diego State on what might seem a whim, but he had been thinking about committing after a meeting he had with the Cathedral coaches. And he will be be calling numerous top San Diego prospects with hopes of them joining him at San Diego State.

"They expressed the need to be dedicated and having heart, and I just felt San Diego State was the place for me," said Jalil about the meeting with the Cathedral coaches. "I will be calling many of the top players in San Diego and hopefully we get to the point where TCU and Boise State is at some point. Top Stories