Quoting Carroll: UCLA Week

The USC Trojans and UCLA Bruins face off this Saturday at the Los Angeles Coliseum for the 79th meeting in the crosstown rivalry. Look inside to see what Pete Carroll had to say about the rivalry, UCLA's defense and much more.

Pete Carroll on the USCUCLA rivalry:

""I think it's just one of the special aspects of being part of USC. And the special aspect of being part of UCLA that you have this extraordinary classic rivalry right across town. You get it anticipate it all year long. Then you get to live with the results of it, too, which are a big deal. So it's very exciting."

Pete Carroll on the impact the USC – UCLA game has on recruiting:

"I don't know if that's the reason people should pick schools, you know. But certainly it does factor in. It does give bragging rights and give you a chance to talk on one end of it. There are issues with that. That's a legitimate deal."

Pete Carroll on UCLA's defense:

"They are playing good, consistent football and they are playing off of their defense. Their defense is a good, solid team, been able to turn the football over. If you look at their scores, they have kept scored down all year long with a couple of exceptions. They have just been very solid and a very active football team. The guys on defense get around and chase the ball well and they have made a lot of big plays. They have a lot of interceptions, particularly with Rahim's (Moore) season, that has helped a bunch."

Pete Carroll on UCLA DL Brian Price:

"There is nobody that can really handle him one-on-one. He's a big-time draft pick. He'll be a favorite for the NFL when his time comes. He's got all the right attributes. He's really got a great base and center of gravity."

Pete Carroll on Devon Kennard at SAM linebacker:

"We are excited about what he adds. He kind of took over the practice today. He's such a hardnosed football player and he is a load too playing the spot, he's much bigger, he's like Cush. A good 255 is what he weighs and it makes a difference."

Pete Carroll on Joe McKnight:

"I think he has done a very good job. As we look back, we just wish we could have got him the football more during the course of the season because everything he has done has been on the positive side. It's by far been his most consistent year. He has been the beneficiary of good healthy for the most part. We have seen him grow up."

Pete Carroll hopes to continue his dominance over the UCLA Bruins.

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