Baxter will add new dimension to the offense

Mission Bay athlete and USC verbal commit Dillon Baxter has visited USC numerous times over the past three years, so a prospect like him isn't going to learn a whole lot when they take an official visit to a school. But Baxter did have an opportunity to experience something he hasn't before at USC while on his official visit last weekend.

"I actually got to see what the preparation is like on game day, so that was exciting," said Baxter. "But that was basically all I saw that I haven‘t before."

Baxter's been to several USC games over the years and Saturday's game against the Bruins was pretty much a yawner, until the final minute.

"It was kind of slow, but they came out with a win and that was good," said Baxter. "I don't know why they (UCLA) called a time out, but I guess they got what they asked for. I guess they wanted to keep playing?"

A week ago Baxter took an official visit to Michigan with his pals Tony Jefferson and Kenny Stills. And Baxter said he really enjoyed the visit.

"Yeah, I liked it," said Baxter about his official visit to Michigan. "The game was crazy, the coaches were cool about everything, the team was cool, they have a great college campus, it was cool. I just wanted to see what other schools are doing, but I never had any doubts about SC.

"I really can't compare the schools because they are different programs. Pete Carroll is way more hyped up, there's a lot more intensity at USC and it's more fun. At Michigan it's more serious."

USC has tried the Wildcat formation a few times with Joe McKnight with little success. With his ability to throw the ball, Baxter could provide a unique wrinkle to the USC offense.

"They said when I get there, we will be running it," said Baxter about the Wildcat formation. "We'll see, but Coach Carroll promised me today that we will definitely be running the Wildcat." Although the Trojan offense hasn't lit up the scoreboard and the defense has severely struggled at times, Baxter believes USC's future is as bright as it's ever been.

"I definitely think that USC will be a team on the rise," said Baxter. "The people who are coming in with my class are big-time players and I'm excited….I can't wait. I expect USC to do big things in the future."

A few prospects who could end up Baxter's teammates were officially visiting this weekend, and Baxter believes the Trojans have a solid shot at all of the official visitors from last weekend.

"All of them liked it, so they've been talking about it ever since the visit," Baxter said. "This weekend everyone was talking about how they wanted to come to USC. I think USC has a real good chance with all of the recruits that came for a visit. We'll just have to see. I think USC's chances are pretty solid with Tony (Jefferson), right now. He liked it a lot up there, he talked to the coaches a lot and they said everything they had to say to him. He said he likes it and can't wait, so he sounded pretty solid to me." Top Stories