New feature for will begin a new feature for the website called "Inside SC", a weekly behind-the-scenes story designed to give USC fans a closer look at the Trojan football program.

Each week this spring from now until May "Inside SC" will give subscribers a unique view of the Trojan team.  So far the schedule has included:


Feb 13 - Chat room with Pete Carroll

Feb 20 - Strength and Conditioning report with Chris Carlisle

Feb 27 - Chat room with Pete Carroll

Mar 6 - Q&A with Norm Chow

Mar 13 - Q&A with Ed Orgeron

Mar 27 - Q&A with Lane Kiffin

Apr 10 - Chat room with Pete Carroll


       Ed Orgeron talks about the defensive line in March 13th interview


Let's go through the four spots on the defensive line and give us the characteristics you look for at each spot.


"At nose tackle it's quickness.  I think Mike Patterson is by far the best nose tackle we've recruited here cause he's really quick in his feet and his hands and he has a tenacity about him.  I like the shorter guys that play with leverage because they get a lot of double teams and they need to be low to the ground.  I think Mike's a really good one.  At tackle, the three technique, I'm looking for a guy like Warren Sapp that is extremely, extremely volatile and can beat one on one blocks.  He's the key to our line inside, he's the guy who has to be able to make plays.  I think Cody is coming along at that position, he hasn't reached that standard yet but I think he can get there.  His tenacity and savvy are what make Shaun a special football player.  He loves football.  He's not as fast as people think he is.  That's the reason he didn't play end when he first got here because he was having some trouble at end when he was just a step slow on some plays but we moved him inside and boy he took off then.  To most people it would seem like Shaun would be at end and Kenechi would be at tackle but we just felt like it would be more of a natural position for both of them.  We started Kenechi off at nose guard and he was a taller guy which is what we want at the end spot.  I want a basketball player.  I want somebody who's 6-3, 275 and can run a 4.8 40, something like that.  The end position plays on the tight end so he has to be bigger than the leo position and I think Kenechi is perfect for it.  Leo is really our rush end and he's the guy with the most speed.  Omar Nazel plays that position now and has done a good job with it.  I think the guy coming in, Frostee Rucker, is really gonna do a fantastic job there and also Lawrence Jackson and Chris Barrett.  They're all speed guys, they're our fastest linemen." 


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