Grimble patiently waiting for USC's new coach

It seems as if we could write one story for every USC commit and simply change the words, because nearly all of them are patiently waiting for USC to hire a new head football coach. We anticipate that happening this week and Xavier Grimble is looking forward to meeting the new coach. But Grimble is still a little shellshocked by Carroll's departure.

"I was actually walking into warm-ups because I had a basketball game that day," said Grimble about when he first heard the news about Pete Carroll accepting an offer from the Seahawks. "I didn't believe it, but my dad pulled me aside and told me it was happening. I never thought he (Carroll) would leave. I was freaking out and didn't know what to do, but now I'm just going to sit back, be patient and wait for USC to hire a new coach."

Grimble was firm with commitment before Carroll resigned, but he's now planning on taking a few official visits. His first will be to UCLA.

"I'm visiting UCLA this weekend because I have a basketball game on Monday in Riverside," Grimble said. "I figured since I had to be in the area, I might as well visit UCLA. I'm still committed to USC, but I'll take a coupled of trips."

After he visits UCLA, Grimble will take one more visit to either LSU, Miami, Florida, Arkansas or Oklahoma.

We asked Grimble how he hopes everything works out?

"If I had my way, USC hires a good coach and all of us who are committed to USC, go to USC," he said.

We'll talk to Xavier Grimble on Monday after his basketball game. Top Stories