Prater will arrive at USC on Monday

When we last spoke to wide receiver Kyle Prater after the Army All-American Bowl Game, he felt like a bomb had been dropped on him when he learned Pete Carroll would likely be leaving USC to coach The Seahawks.

But Prater went home, thought about visiting Tennessee, and came to the conclusion he wanted to be a Trojan.

"I am coming to USC on Monday and will begin taking classes on Tuesday," said Prater.

We believe Prater decided he would stick with USC a few days ago, but news that Lane Kiffin would replace Pete Carroll was welcomed news for Prater.

"I like Coach Lane Kiffin a lot," Prater said. "

And there's a lot he loves about USC, too.

"The energy and intensity of the practices, everybody is real and I love the environment" said Prater when asked why he committed to USC.

"I have been watching USC for a long time and the players that they put out. They produce every year, so it's a really good school and I had to strongly consider USC as my choice. I like the big receivers they put out and the way they produce, and get them NFL-ready. That's another key thing."

We'll have more from Prater after he arrives on Monday. Top Stories