Quoting Kiffin: Introduction Edition

New USC head coach Lane Kiffin discussed why he is the perfect fit for the job, his recruiting philosophy and much more in his introductory press conference at Heritage Hall. Look inside to read what Kiffin had to say as he was welcomed back to Los Angeles.

Lane Kiffin on the USC job:

"It became very obvious when we had the chance to come back here, we were coming back home to the greatest job in America. So to be here today, I'm extremely fortunate, and my family, we're extremely excited to be back home. Our number one thing that we're going to do is have a dedication to run an extremely clean, disciplined program. And that will start from today, and we'll continue that through the whole time we're here."

Lane Kiffin on his coaching staff:

"The staff that we put together will be the best staff in America. We have a couple of them here today, Ed Orgeron and Monte Kiffin are here today. Those are the first two members of our staff…We've not only got the best coaches, but we wanted the emphasis on coaches that can develop the players. You see all the time that guys sign great recruiting classes. You say, How come they're not winning championships? They've had great recruiting classes year after year after year. I really believe it is the development of the players and the student athlete that this staff will be able to do that we put together."

Lane Kiffin on recruiting:

"I think as it goes to recruiting and our philosophy, we're going to go anywhere to get the best players that there are, and we've got to find dynamic, explosive play makers. We've got to find guys that you've seen here for years and years and years that change the game. So this staff will hit the road running. We'll be recruiting as soon as we can. We'll be on the road. We'll be going into every home of the best players in the country to bring them to SC."

Lane Kiffin on why he's the right guy for the job:

"Like I said, I think it's a perfect fit. I go back to ten years ago, and SC was coming off a 5 7 season. We got here with Coach Carroll, developed the talent, changed the roster over. We showed exactly what it took to be a championship program. Maybe make the best run in the history of college football and was right here for it.

"And to have a hands on coach like Pete that develops his coaches. One of the most powerful things that Pete does is he develops his assistants. He teaches them why he does what he does. It puts you in a better position. To be the recruiting coordinator here, have number one classes, to be the offensive coordinator here. I think we scored 49 points a game, it puts you in position to do what you've done here because you've done it before."

Lane Kiffin on USC attracting top recruits:

"It makes so much sense for the best players to come to USC. The tradition here, the development of the players here, an NFL offense, the NFL defense, the preparation for the NFL. And as you've seen over the last eight years, a run that's probably never been done before. How many kids have been put into the NFL by the University of Southern California?"

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