Christian Thomas wowed with USC

With the recruiting process coming to a close, Army All-American tight end Christian Thomas from Highland High in Palmdale, Calif., took his third and final official visit to USC this weekend. Although there have been numerous staff changes, Thomas said he hit it off well with the new coaches and had a great visit.

"The visit went great," Thomas said. "USC is a tradition rich school, a power school. If you go to USC, your life is basically set. It's a great place and any tight end from California would love to go there."

Thomas had a solid relationship with Pete Carroll's staff, but he said he really likes the new coaches at USC.

"They were all cool, I met all the coaches," said Thomas. "I met Lane Kiffin, Monte Kiffin and met all of them, and they're all good guys. I sat down with them, asked a bunch of questions and they answered all of them truthfully looking me straight in my eyes. My parents and me were wowed. It was a great feeling down there and the Trojans are going to be great, again."

We asked Thomas if his expectations of what he wanted to experience were met or exceeded?

"All of my expectations were exceeded, all of them," he said.

It's not known for certain if the all of the other prospects visiting USC this weekend had as solid a visit as Thomas, but he thought they did.

"I think USC has a shot at getting all of the guys who were visiting, especially me," he said. "It's a great place down there, man."

Thomas will be announcing his decision on a school Feb. 3 (signing day) on Fox Sports, along with Josh Shirley and Anthony Jefferson. So it could be a Trojan/Bruin show? But Thomas hasn't made a decision on a school and is still considering USC, Oregon, Oregon State and his childhood favorite, Miami.

And between now and signing day, Thomas will lay low, talk to his family about the visits he's taken and go over the pros and cons of each school. Thomas talked about the pros and cons with the Trojans.

"I didn't find any cons about USC," Thomas said. "It's a great place down there, me and my parents had a great time the 48 hours we were there, we ate a lot, the coaches were all cool, it's a great environment, it's a private school, it's sunny in L.A., you've got the Staples Center downtown, there's a lot to do right down the street and it's just a great place down there."

Brennan Carroll is another positive aspect of the USC football program for Thomas and he hopes he reamins the tight ends coach.

"He said he will, he said he will," said Thomas about Carroll being a member of Kiffin's staff. "I hope he stays because he and I have been talking for about two years."

So, there are only a few days until signing day. Sounds like the Trojans could be in pretty good shape with Thomas. Top Stories