Quoting Kiffin: Signing Day Edition

With just a couple of weeks to hit the recruiting trail, Lane Kiffin and the new USC staff put together another outstanding recruiting class that features three of Scout's top four players in the country. Look inside to hear what Kiffin had to say about the class, his recruiting strategy and much more.

Lane Kiffin on the 2010 recruiting class:

"I'm very impressed with this class, very tough competitors, guys that want to come play with the best, guys that aren't worried about depth charts or playing time. They want to win championships; they want to do it with great players. A number of these kids we signed, they say the same thing, "Coach, we went to the All Star game. We want our practice field to be like that. We want to be around the best." I think that makes you better. If you go and play with a bunch of great players and you're practicing against them on offense and defense every day, it makes you better."

Lane Kiffin on his recruiting strategy since arriving at USC:

"We want to get really good players, we didn't want to reach. We didn't want to see players come off the board and lower our standards. We know what it's taken here before to win at an extremely high level and we know what type of players that takes. And very often as you see coaches come into their first year, they reach just to make an impression, just to sign a certain number of kids, and I was proud of our staff for not doing that. We were tempted to, but we didn't do it in the end and I think you're going to see the quality of this class. I can't imagine there being as many star players in any class around the country as there will be here by the end of the day."

Lane Kiffin on three players that are already enrolled at USC:

As we look at three that are enrolled, Dillon Baxter is a dynamic player that we think can play a number of positions for us, extremely exciting. Patrick Hall, someone that was signed here before, actually he was reopened and decided to come with us again is enrolled in classes and Kyle Prater, who some believe may be the best receiver in the country and maybe the best to come in the years.

Lane Kiffin on signing three tight ends:

"And with tight ends, a lot of times you get one or two, but to get three of the top five guys in America, a phenomenal job by the previous staff and the current staff to piece those two guys together...We think they'll all be tight ends; you never know for sure. All three are extremely gifted and they could play other positions, but all three will come in and add some depth there, obviously we just lost a great one.

Lane Kiffin on the outstanding trio of receivers (Prater, Woods, Ambles):

"Three total receivers, three out of probably the top five in America. It was a phenomenal job by the staff and everybody involved. I don't know that I've seen as skilled of a class before coming out of high school. They've got a lot to prove and a lot of development to do but extremely excited there."

Lane Kiffin when asked if the wide receivers can have an impact as freshmen:

"I think we have high standards for all our players, especially our freshmen as they come in. Mike Williams came in here and caught 81 balls, 14 TDs as a freshman, and we've seen it before, and we expect those guys to do these things."

Lane Kiffin on Dillon Baxter:

"Dillon Baxter is a dynamic player that we think can play a number of positions for us, extremely exciting. He could do both (WR, RB). You can run him, you can put him in the wildcat, we can move him around. We don't promise that to guys until we see them do it, but it may be something we do with him."

Lane Kiffin on Markeith Ambles:

"We were fortunate to have Markeith (Ambles) in camp. I think the camp evaluation is more important than the film or anything else, the highlight films that come in or the internet films, because you get to have them in person and see who they are and how they react to competition and adversity that happens during our camps, because our camps are physical. He dominated our camp, and we had a number of top flight SEC corners in our camp."

Lane Kiffin on JUCO linebacker Glen Stanley:

"we did think we needed more people there to create more competition and to get Glen, who was a little bit like Lofa (Tatupu) a long time ago, we got him from Maine and he came from a program that he had played in, and that's critical at that position, because you can see all you want in high school, but if you haven't seen enough at college but to have seen him play in college and at a Division I school before, that was beneficial for us."

USC's star-studded class includes Baxter, Prater, Woods and Morgan.

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