Junior to watch: DB/LB Marlin Simmons

WeAreSC got an update from LB Poly star Marlin Simmons, the younger brother of current Trojan linebacker Melvin. Click below for the Q&A:

Wearesc: Which schools are you looking at right now?

Marlin: I can't say in order, but SC, KSU, Tenn. Ore, and others I'm not really sure about right now.

Wearesc: Do you have offers from those schools?

Marlin: No, I haven't received any offers yet.

Wearesc: Can you say a few things about each school starting with SC?

Marlin: With SC, I just like how they play football. They seem to focus on defense and they are a physical team. For KSU, I like the coaches. I had a chance to see and meet with one of the coaches and he was really nice. Of course, their defense, they had the #1 defense in the nation. For Tenn, every year they have a good team. They have a whole lot of athletes. For Oregon, ever since I was little, I've liked their colors. They just step for the games with those crowds and I just like the whole Oregon atmosphere.

Wearesc: What has your brother Champ told you about SC? Is he recruiting you to SC?

Marlin: As far as the coaches trying to talk to me through him, it hasn't happened. I just talk to the coaches when I see them. Me and my brother talk about the team itself, different defenses that they run, the game plan for that week, stuff like that. He wants me to go there and I want to go there, but I just need to get an offer.

Wearesc: So if SC offered, would they be your leader?

Marlin: Most likely, yeah.

Wearesc: Bench, Squat, Ht., Wt., 40 time?

Marlin: For my bench, I haven't maxed out but last year I maxed out at 325. This year my goal is to get up to 400. We're gonna max out in three weeks and I hope to max at around 355 or something like that. Last year I squatted 495 and I power cleaned 225, but hopefully I can improve on both of those too. I'm 6 ft. and I weigh around 206 but hopefully I can get to around 210 for season. Last year the coaches timed me at 4.5, but my goal is to get down to 4.4. 

Wearesc: Do you have your stats for last year?

Marlin: No I don't. My coaches kind of did me dirty because they didn't give me all my tackles so I have to go over the tapes again!

Wearesc: So how many tackles did the coaches say you had?

Marlin: I don't even remember, I didn't wanna hear what they had to say, but I know I had around 8 tackles a game.

Wearesc: Are you being recruited as an OLB or a SS?

Marlin: I really don't know, they really don't tell me. I just want to play on the field. This year I want to play SS. I told my coaches so most likely you'll see me at SS this year.

Wearesc: Derrick Jones and Rodney Van are two of your teammates that will be highly recruited next year. Where do you think they are leaning?

Marlin: I don't know. We're just mostly focused on taking the SAT's and passing it. Then after April and May, after the camps and everything, we'll probably start thinking more about the colleges.

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