Quoting Kiffin: Spring Day 1

The Lane Kiffin era got underway with an intense practice at Howard Jones Field on Tuesday afternoon. Look inside to see what USC's new leading man had to say about the first day of spring practice, his plan for the football program and much more.

Lane Kiffin on the new practice admittance policy:

"That's a policy that we are going to implement from the school's standpoint. I don't think it is a whole lot different from what was here before. I know that it is kind of assumed that our practices were open before. We just have changed the way we monitor a little bit and tightened it up. We just have a little process of making sure that we are really on top of who is coming in and out of here – obviously for compliance reasons."

Lane Kiffin on the start of spring practice:

"It was really good. I am glad that we did push (spring practice) back this late. I was just talking to a coach from LSU, they just finished, they are done with all their spring ball. For us, because of our staff coming in together so late and trying to implement our three phases of our game it was good that we are going this late.

Lane Kiffin on staying away from controversy since returning to USC:

"I think there is a specific plan for whatever job you take, and I don't think you treat them all the same. Like I said when I got here, there is a specific plan for here and that is to coach football and to recruit players. We don't really need to do anything else. You've got prior to last year: seven straight BCS games, seven Heisman winners, eleven national championships. We don't need a lot of attention right now. We need to get better on the field. We have high level interest from recruits around the country so we don't have to go out and gather that attention to help us in recruiting."

Lane Kiffin on Matt Barkley's performance on Tuesday:

"I thought Matt threw the ball really well. We will see when we go back to the film specifically, but I thought he had a really good day. I would think statistically, if you took today, I'll bet he had a really good day. Especially for a first day, which is usually difficult because of all the different players that you are playing with out there.

Lane Kiffin on being more disciplined:

"We just want to make sure that we are playing really smart when we go to the games, and that when you watch us you see a really disciplined team. That's just what we believe in, in all three phases of the game. I think last year, where we were at, we did a really good job of that. I think maybe we were eleventh in the country in penalties, so that is something that we really have to look at here.

Lane Kiffin on Kyle Prater and Dillon Baxter:

"[Kyle] is banged up and not full speed, but you can see he's got really good hands. It was good to have Dillon out here too. If you watched all the plays in practice, you could see some really special moves, see why he was such a phenomenal high school player."

Lane Kiffin was pleased with Matt Barkley's performance on Tuesday.

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