Pete Carroll chat transcript

Trojan head coach Pete Carroll was the special guest in the chat room on Wednesday night to take questions from USC fans on a variety of subjects. Click below for a transcript of that chat session:

GarryP    "Hello coach, welcome once again.  First question...What were some of the key elements to your plan two years ago to bring the SC football program back to this place? What were the characteristics you wanted to see on offense, defense, special teams, coaching?"


PeteCarroll    "Hey everybody! I'm glad to be back, we have a lot of exciting things coming up with wearesc and I'm glad you're all part of it. The key element was evaluation. We're surrounded by a tremendous amount of talent and we needed to select the right kids year in and year out. As far as the characteristics for my defense we always try to be aggressive and cause turnovers. Offensively we're looking for balance and protect the football. Special Teams need to be sound and aggressive as well. In terms of coaching I'm looking for high energy guys who love to teach and are highly competitive."


GarryP    "What made you focus in so quickly on Norm Chow as your primary choice for OC?"


PeteCarroll    "Primarily it was Norm's strong personality and his background. He is a coach who is tried and tested."


GarryP    "You're known as a defensive back specialist, how do you and Greg Burns divide the duties with that position? What kind of coach is he?"


PeteCarroll    "Greg is a bright young coach with great potential. He is very demanding and I love the way he teaches. Greg will take the lead in the secondary this year and be supported by Rocky Seto who he counts on heavily."


GarryP    "Will Rocky have any special teams duties? Who will handle coaching the TE's?"


PeteCarroll    "Rocky will play a major in supporting Kennedy on special teams. Tim Davis will take the lead with the tight ends and be supported by Brennan Carroll."


GarryP    "Talk about the TE spot. What roles do you see for Guenther and Byrd behind Holmes? Will Barrett see time in the fall at TE or has the decision been made to put him at DE?"


PeteCarroll    "Guenther is a guy with great hands whose blocking has become more and more consistent. Byrd will look to be a bit more flashier than Greg and be more of a big play tight end. Dominique needs to become more consistent in his blocking in order to compete. Barrett will come in as a DE, but we understand his value as a possible TE candidate and will examine his role next fall."


GarryP    "Who will be in competition for the starting job vacated by Zach Wilson? Have there been any position changes along the line? Kyle Williams, Matua?"


PeteCarroll    "Matua and Williams will both compete for the RG spot, but until Winston is 100%% Kyle will have to play alot at RT. Look for Sam Baker to come in and also be in the mix at RG in August."


GarryP    "What does Will Poole bring to the table that pushed you over the edge with the decision to offer a scholarship to a guy with one year?"


PeteCarroll    "Poole brings immediate experience from the Big East and you can never have too many corners as was evidenced by our situation this past season."


GarryP    "Talk about the development of Travis Tofi and how we found him in Samoa."


PeteCarroll    "We found out about him through our Samoan coaching connections, which I cannot reveal or I will feel the wrath of Kennedy Pola! Travis is a guy who has come a long way and has a high motor and gives great effort. I think he will become a fine player for us."


GarryP    "What do you see as the key positions to watch for this spring? Any competitions that you are really looking forward to seeing?"


PeteCarroll    "The QB's, LB's, CB's, and S's . I'm anxious to see the development of both Tatupu and F.Rucker, the competition at QB between all of our guys should make for a great spring camp. I'm excited to see how our corners come along as well with Wyatt, Buchanon, Allmond, Nunn, Arbet that's a pretty good group of athletes that should be extremely competitive. Also the battle at the safety spot to replace Troy should be fun to watch with Bing and Ross."


GarryP    "What are some of the things you do to indoctrinate the young guys with the history and tradition of Trojan football?"


PeteCarroll    "We established and maintain an open door policy for all of our athletes to come back and be around our team. Our staff constantly demonstrates to our players the need to be respectful of all the great former Trojan players and coaches. In terms of football tradition and heritage there is no place on earth like Troy and that demands a tremendous amount of respect."


GarryP    "Do you schedule any volunteer work for the players in the community?"


PeteCarroll    "Yes, as you can imagine we receive a number of requests to take part in community events and we try and meet those needs as time permits."


GarryP    "What is your game day routine? What is the typical schedule? What is a typical pre-game meal? McKay loved serving steak and peas, do you have a set menu?"


PeteCarroll    "We try and stay as routine as possible, but a lot depends on the kickoff time. Typically we have meetings in the morning, a pre-game meal (of broken glass), followed by a short, intense meeting which we call a clap session, and then it's off to the Coliseum or the visiting stadium. If McKay was steak and peas, I'll think on changing our menu...right now I'm all about Mountain Dew and M&M's."


GarryP    "I'm sure Coach Carlisle loves that diet. What traits do you look for in a corner? Physical? Mental? What are the intangibles that make a guy jump out at you?"


PeteCarroll    "They all come in different packages but obviously I'm looking for great spead, great ball-skills, great hand-eye coordination. I'm also looking for guys who can bounce back after tough plays and have alot of confidence. If you look at Rideuax, Buchanon, Allmond they are all built quite differently with different attributes but I think they are all or will become good corners."


GarryP    "What is the difference you see between a WLB and a SLB? What traits are you looking for at each position?"


PeteCarroll    "Generally looking for a quicker, speedier guy at the Will spot and a more stout guy at the Sam spot who can handle containment and force the outside run game. Both positions need to run well and be good blitzers."


GarryP    "How did you handle the situation with NFL job rumors when it came to recruits? Did you tell them to expect it?"


PeteCarroll    "Yes I told them to expect it and not pay attention to it. I told them it would not happen and I proved it by not entertaining any interest from the 49ers. It was interesting to see how the rumors started to really heat up around signing day, you don't think any Bruins had anything to do with that do you??????"


GarryP    "The move of the Oregon State game gives us three bye weeks. Do you like bye weeks? Why? More time to practice, recruit?"


PeteCarroll    "We'll make good use of the bye weeks to get healthy and do some self-scouting to work on our stuff."


GarryP    "If you were recruiting Pete Carroll the 17-year old football player from Redwood HS, what would be your evaluation of his skills?"


PeteCarroll    "Superstar in the making.....can't play but might be able to coach. In all seriousness, I was a guy who needed JC to develop."


GarryP    "What is your best memory of playing football?"


PeteCarroll    "Great question! My senior year at Pacific would have to be my best overall memory. I was voted captain and our team went from 3-8 to 8-3 which was the best record the Tigers had in 50 years...oh yeah we played great defense too!"


GarryP    "When did you know you were going to be a coach?"


PeteCarroll    "In my third year of being a Graduate Assistant at Pacific."


GarryP    "What do you think your strengths are as a football coach? What do you want to improve on?"


PeteCarroll    "My strengths lie in my myriad of coaching experiences and more specifically with the other coaches I have come in contact with. Through theses experiences I have established a broad base of knowledge both offensively and defensively. I have a very strong philosophical base of how I want things done and have learned to have a tremendous sense of value towards preparation both physically and mentally. Some of the aspects I will need to work on will be adapting to personnel changes and remaining on the cutting edge on both sides of the ball and on special teams."


GarryP    "Coach, thanks again for coming and we'll look forward to next time. It's been tremendous having you as part of WeAreSC."


PeteCarroll   "Thanks again for having me.  See you all next time." Top Stories