USC Recruits React to the NCAA Sanctions

Serra WR George Farmer IV had what can only be described as a season beyond his dreams. Not that he doesn't have expectations, but he became one of three prep stars to win a high school state championship in Football and basketball last season. And he nearly picked up a third state championship in the 200m, losing by .001 to Anthony McClain from Covina

With football, basketball and track over with, Farmer took his teammate Jason Gibson to USC for 3 1/2 hour unofficial visit last Wednesday. During the meeting they had an opportunity to get to know the coaches better, the system they run better and a detailed account on how they would be used if they should choose the Trojans.

There was also another topic that was covered, USC possibly facing stiff sanctions from the NCAA. The possibility of sanctions became a reality today for Farmer, Gibson and all of those playing for, committed to or seriously considering USC.

"The NCAA sanctions aren't going to change anything for George," George Farmer IV said. SC is SC and we're going to love SC no matter what. We could care less about the sanctions. Plus it's a great school, it has the best coaching staff and great tradition. Besides, if you're looking at going to a school for athletics first, you're already off in the wrong direction. Academics comes first for George."

We weren't able to reach Gibson at the time of this story, but we will later today or tomorrow. We did have an opportunity to speak briefly with incoming freshman George Uko before he headed to his graduation ceremony.

"The sanctions don't mean anything to me," said Uko when asked about NCAA sanction handed down on the Trojans today. "I'm just excited to get to SC to play football and play for great coaches. I talked to Randall Telfer today and he doesn't care about the sanctions, either. None of the guys in my class care about them. The haters can say what they want, but we are still SC."

Johnson Uko, George's father, added, "The penalties are too harsh. It's really not fair to the juniors and seniors. George can go in and redshirt and he still maybe has four years.

The sentiment around southern California seemed to be the penalties were too stiff if you are a USC fan, and just right or not severe enough if you aren't. So, there was plenty of banter back and forth on the USC message boards with lots of talk about the imminent demise of the USC football program and its recruiting from rival fans.

According to the father of a prominent commit, there is also plenty of hope with rival coaching staffs in the Pac-10 that they can steal a few of the Trojans's prize recruits.

"I've had coaches asking me all the time if my kid would consider their school if USC is sanctioned and I just told them, 'Ask him yourself.' There are a lot of people who think my son is going to waver with his commitment because USC has a two-year post season ban. But I can promise you this, my kid is going to SC as long as Coach Barry and Coach O want him.

"My kid's first priority is getting a degree from a great school like SC, get coached by great coaches and maybe getting a shot at the NFL."

It seems as if the vast majority of USC commits/recruits were prepared for today and decided to become Trojans for a variety of reasons, not just to play football.

Stay tuned for more stories from other USC commits/recruits today and tomorrow....

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