A look at the national recruiting picture

As we promised yesterday, here's a look at how the national recruiting picture looks and how the Trojans are faring in comparison with other schools.

At this point, Texas is a clear leader with its usual fast start. Ever since Mack Brown arrived to take over the program, the Longhorns have attempted to fill their quota early, mostly with native Texans. This year, all but two of the 22 players who have committed to Texas are from the state. Included among the group of 22 are five players with Scout.com five-star rankings. Yes, that's right -- five. They Longhorns also have 11 four-star commitments and six three-star. Works out to be 3.96 quality, which is not quite up to the standard established by USC during its better days, when a four-plus average was a foregone conclusion.

Surprisingly, defending national champion Alabama has not capitalized as expected on its 2009 success. Yes, the Tide is doing well, but not super, with one five-star commitment, five four-stars and eight three-stars. Given Nck Saban's pattern, the Crimson Tide will probably close strongly, just as Florida does annally.

Florida has 14 commitments, 10 three-stars and a pair of two-stars. Somehow I have a strong feeling The Gator's class will have another extremely solid class. And quite a few of those three-star players will get a bump.

Oklahoma is doing well with a 3.50 quality average on nine four-star commitments and a similar number of three-star guys.

Ohio State fares slightly better with two five-star commitments, six four-stars and seven three-stars.

LSU has a 3.73 quality average with two five-stars, four four-stars and five three stars.

Florida State was expected to fare better with old man Bowden out of the way. Ha! The Seminoles have two four-star commitments, nine three-stars and two two-stars. That won't get the Seminoles back to the top.

Michigan is awful with one four-star commitment and seven three-stars.

Georgia is doing well with seven four-star commitments and six three-stars.

USC fans always want to know how Notre Dame is doing. Under new coach Brian Kelly, the Fighting Irish have 13 commitments, seven with four stars and six with three -- a quality average of 3.53.

The Trojans, as you probably know, have nine commitments. Their lone five-star is running back-defensive back DeAnthony Thoms of L.A. Crenshaw, who's also known as the ``Black Mamba.'' The Black Mamba, in case you haven't heard, is the fastest land snake in the world. The Trojans have five four-star commitments and two three-stars. One player is still unrated by Scout.com.

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