Pac-10 Recruiting Checkup

Time for a Pac-10 recruiting checkup, and, after a look, you wonder where all the little Duckies and Beavers are going.

Nineteen commitments for the two Oregon schools and only two from the rainy state. Oregon has both, Oregon State going to six states to acquire its nine commitments. Not like the good, ol' days when the Oregon schools locked down most of the home-state talent. Washington has secured two commitments from the state of Oregon, demonstrating that there's at least some talent there.

Not a great deal has changed since we last reported on the Pac-10 -- Stanford still leading the way with 20 commitments and a No. 4 national team ranking with Arizona State still is in a sad-sack situation that doesn't bode well for the future. The Sun Devils have only three commitments, one three-star athlete and two with two-star designations. Not much for a once highly regarded program.

Washington State is doing better than it generally does at this stage of the recruiting process with 14 commitments, but seven are non-ranked, indicating the Cougars are settling for quantity over quality.

USC ranks No. 10 with 11 commitments, among them two with five-star designations -- defensive back-running back DeAnthony Thomas of Los Angeles Crenshaw and defensive lineman Jalen Grimble of Bishop Gorman in Las Vegas.

We've all read in the Los Angeles Times how USC's problems with the NCAA would open doors for UCLA. So far, at least, the Bruins aren't having much luck. They have six commitments and two junior-college transfers, and the quality of the group isn't the kind to elevate the program much beyond what it has been in recent years. Top Stories