USC Tops the List

Talented wide receiver DeAnthony Arnett talks about his interest in USC. Look inside for the details.

DeAnthony Arnett talked about what he's been up to lately this summer.

"This summer I been to Michigan State, Tennessee a few times, and I haven't been to too much but I have been to those two."

Arnett has several major offers but one schools jumps out above the rest right now.

"Right now, USC is probably on top along with Tennessee, Cal, Michigan State,Oklahoma, and Iowa," he said. "SC, look at all the great receivers they put in the NFL and it's a pro style offense. Plus, you'll get a good degree from there and that's something that jumped out to me right away."

Arnett has been to Knoxville a few times to see the Vols and he talked about his interest there.

"I love the receivers coach. He keeps things honest with me. The first thing he told me was he can't promise me anything. I gotta go work and that jumped out a lot to me."

The standout wide receiver prospect talked about what he'll be looking for in a school.

"Definitely the comfort level, the area, the environment, people I'm coming in with, and whenever I get comfortable with a school I'll go ahead and go with them. It'll probably be in the next two or three months." Top Stories