Friday Practice Report

Cornerback Torin Harris intercepted a pass Friday night as the USC offense struggled with turnovers.

Learning Their Lesson
After a session marred by turnovers and poor ball security, the USC offense ran sprints after practice Friday to drive home the point.

"We had the turnover issue on offense, which we're addressing as we speak because we're not going to win any games if we turn over the ball like we did today," coach Lane Kiffin said.

Cornerbacks Brian Baucham and Torin Harris each intercepted passes and Derek Simmons, moved to defensive end after Nick Perry suffered a high ankle sprain, forced an Allen Bradford fumble.

Brian Baucham had an interception and forced a fumble on Friday.
Reiterating a point he made in the spring, Kiffin said Simmons' size could be helpful in a Pac-10 that has put a greater emphasis on the running game.

"More than ever we're going to need to stop the run and having bigger defensive ends helps obviously, as opposed to the speed rushers that maybe before were better because of the passing," Kiffin said. "Hopefully Derek can help us there."

Less RoJo
Wide receiver Ronald Johnson (back) was rested ahead of Saturday's full contact scrimmage.

"He's at the point he has worked so hard for us, ran so many routes that he's kind of at the breaking point, so we rested him for tomorrow," Kiffin said.

Havili in Yellow
Fullback Stanley Havili wore a no-contact jersey during some drills after dislocating his shoulder Thursday.

"We put it back in and he actually jumped back in the drills and we pulled him again at that point," Kiffin said.

No Comment
After a day of conflicting information about whether former USC running back Reggie Bush apologized to new athletic director Pat Haden for his actions that led to NCAA sanctions, Kiffin declined to say if he had spoken with Bush recently.

"I'm going to avoid that subject," Kiffin said. "I think you guys know my feelings for Reggie as a player and what he did here and I'm moving on. We got too many good things going on with this team and what they're doing this upcoming season. Unfortunately, we end up talking about the past a lot. We're moving forward."

Hot Reads
-Linebacker Marquis Simmons was set to undergo surgery Friday evening to have his appendix removed, Kiffin said.

-OL Kevin Graf (shoulder sprain), DB Demetrius Wright (toe) and RB Marc Tyler (groin) left practice early. DB Marshall Jones (groin) missed practice.

-As has become a daily occurrence, freshman WR Robert Woods made a spectacular catch, this time a leaping snag of a Mitch Mustain pass for a 25-yard touchdown.

-RB Dillon Baxter seemed to get back into a groove, angling behind defenders for a goal line touchdown reception and later showcasing an impressive spin move in the open field.

-DT DaJohn Harris ran down Baxter in the open field, sending him down to the turf with a clubbing blow that drew praise from Monte Kiffin.

-Joe Houston has taken a lead in the placekicking competition over Jacob Harfman, Kiffin said.

Joe Houston has a slight lead over Jacob Harfman for the placekicking duties.

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