Quoting Kiffin: Monday Walk-through

Look inside for Lane Kiffin's thoughts on Saturday's scrimmage, the impressive start of freshman Nickell Robey and more.

Lane Kiffin on film review of Saturday's scrimmage:

"The same thing that we kind of thought as far as the run game improving. The line played faster and seemed to know what they were doing. The flip side of that is, we held (out) a number of defensive guys after the first two series (Malcolm Smith, Armond Armstead, Jurrell Casey). That helped too. That was good to see. Marc Tyler continues to do well every day. He played well on special teams for us too. Nickell Robey flashed as a returner; so did Robert Woods.

"Once again, it's pretty neat to be talking about true freshmen. Just from doing this awhile, you get so used to true freshmen just kind of getting lost at this point in the mix; they go to scrimmages and they can barely line up right. We've got some guys, not only are they lining up but they're doing multiple things within a bunch of different packages for us."

Lane Kiffin when asked if he has been surprised by the play of Nickell Robey:

"No. We really thought (he was good) from having him in camp. On film he was a great player, but you never know until you have him in person. We had some great receivers at that camp at Tennessee, some guys who've gone on to the SEC, and he was covering everybody, including Markeith (Ambles). He was just all over the place. He's really special.

"We're actually trying to spend time to figure out where we're not going to use him because everyone's fighting for him. He's started at nickel corner for us. He's potentially going to be our starting normal corner. He's potentially our starting punt returner. He could be our kickoff returner. At the same time we want him to block kicks. It's going to be hard for him to block the punt and return it both on the same play. He's also on the inside in kickoff coverage. He can't obviously do all those things, even though he thinks he can. So we've got to figure out where we're going to use him."

Lane Kiffin on Dillon Baxter's response since being suspended for Hawaii game:

"I'm very pleased with that. Like we talked about that day, he had two choices: He could pout around here and think that he got a bad deal on this, or he could keep working extremely hard. He went down and ran service team for our defense and ran all over them. Was playing quarterback and doing all kinds of things down there. Hopefully that says a lot about him."

Lane Kiffin takes questions from the media. (Jaime Rodriguez Photo)

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