Spring ball Day 7

The Trojans went through an extended scrimmage today with all four quarterbacks getting a chance to run the offense. Brandon Hance had two TD passes, Billy Hart and Matt Leinart each added one while Ryan Kileen hit a pair of field goals. Click below for highlights from the day:

1st series (Matt Cassel)

Defense looked good and held to three quick plays and out.

2nd series (Brandon Hance)

Hershel Dennis had the first big offensive play of the day when he started right, cut left at the line and sprinted 55 yards before Brandon Ting caught up with him in the open field to prevent a touchdown.  Frostee Rucker came in for a sack on Hance.  Brandon stepped up in the pocket nicely and hit Mike Williams over the middle who bounced off a tackle attempt from Greg Farr on his way to a 15 yard gain.  From the 10-yard line Hance dropped back and completed a pass to D Hale who dragged Danny Urquhart into the end zone for a touchdown.  Ryan Kileen made the extra point.  

3rd series (Matt Leinart)

Leinart did a nice job to look off Mike Williams and come back to Justin Wyatt for a 12 yard gain before a solid hit from Darnell Bing.  The defense held on the next three plays.

4th series (Billy Hart)

Billy Hart completed a pass to Andre Woodert for 6 yards and then tried to hit Williams but he was covered, perhaps too much, by Dallas Sartz and Dallas knocked the ball away.  Darnell Bing lined up at TB and took a pitch to the left for 45 yards after breaking a tackle at the line of scrimmage.  It's a real decision on where to play Bing, he looks so good at safety but it's hard to ignore what he can do with the ball in his hands.  Hart went deep to Williams but John Walker was in great position and easily knocked the ball down.  Hart looked for Williams again and Sartz was in position until he slid to the side and Billy whipped the ball to Mike who got 17 yards on the play.  From the ten yard line Bing got the ball up the middle for four yards before a nice, solid tackle from Urquhart.  Danny had a good day today.  Billy tried to hit Wyatt with Mike Ross arriving at the same time as the ball to force an incompletion.  Hart then put good touch on a floater into the end zone for a touchdown to Dominique Byrd.  Ryan Kileen made the extra point.

The scrimmage then broke up for some punt drills.  Alex Holmes had one real nice downfield tackle on Justin Wyatt and Greig Carlson had a good return going on another play as he weaved through some traffic before being dropped by a Matt Grootegoed form tackle. 

5th series (Matt Cassel)

The offense was stopped for three straight plays but remained on the field to get some work and they put together a nice drive.  Dennis had a 9 yard run and followed it up with a four yard run before a tackle by Urquhart.  A Cassel pass was knocked down by Frostee Rucker.  Matt came right back and hit Mike Williams for 20 yards along the sidelines against Brandon Ting.  Cassel scrambled and got five yards before a tackle by Collin Ashton.  The quarterbacks didn't wear yellow jerseys in the scrimmage and the defense did hit them on a few plays, no major hits but they were definitely playing football.  Rucker came in for a sack on Cassel and Frostee continues to look real good at the rush end spot.  Matt completed a pass to Alex Holmes but the play was stopped short of the goal line thanks to a big hit by Urquhart with help from Sartz.  Kileen hit a 23 yard field goal.

6th series (Brandon Hance)

Hance tried to go deep to Wyatt but the ball fluttered and came up short.  Brandon hit Williams on a slant with Marcell Allmond all over him and Jason Leach came in to deliver a blow and finish off the tackle.  Hance hit Nick Vanderboom, a walk-on TE, for a 17 yard gain.  Another walk-on, Andre Woodert, had a real nice 17 yard TD run that was called back for holding.  Brandon completed a pass to Hale for 7 yards and Melvin Simmons delivered one of the best hits of the day on his solid tackle. Hance hit Wyatt on a slant for a 14 yard touchdown.  The walk-on kicker, #40, missed the extra point. 

7th series (Matt Leinart)

Forrest Mozart came on a blitz for a sack on Leinart.  Matt completed a pass to Wyatt with a good block from Chris McFoy to spring him for 10 yards.  Matt hit David Kirtman with a three yard pass and then Kirtman took a handoff to the left and ran for 18 yards including the last five yards or so with Bing riding his back trying to tackle him.  Nice effort by Kirtman.  McFoy made one of the better catches of the day on a 23 yard completion along the sideline when he fought off Ryan Ting as the ball was in the air and juggled it as he went to the ground for the catch.  Even Pete Carroll came up to give Chris congratulations on the play.  Leinart scrambled with good protection from Kyle Williams and Fred Matua and dove to the two yard line before completing a short TD pass to Jason Mitchell.  Kileen made the extra point.

8th series (Billy Hart)

Hart got things started with a 12 yard scramble.  He then rolled out and threw on the run to Dom Byrd for a 30 yard pick-up.  Jay Bottom knocked down a Hart pass at the line.  Hart tried a pass to Wyatt but Urquhart was in pursuit and dragged him down short of the first down.  Kileen came on and nailed a 37 yard field goal to end the day.

There was a good crowd on hand including Steve Smith, Michael Bumpus, Chilo Rachal, Randy Estes, Antoine Cason, Dan Rowlands, Lawrence Jackson, Terrell Thomas, Desmond Reed, Drean Rucker, Jon Turner, Rocky Hinds and Manuel Wright.

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