Quoting Kiffin: Wednesday Walk-through

Lane Kiffin discusses Dillon Baxter, his ideal running back rotation and much more. Look inside for the details.

Lane Kiffin when asked if Dillon Baxter would travel to Hawaii:

"I'm leaning towards him staying here, focus on this semester for academics, getting off to a great start. That's the beginning of the fall semester. I'm leaning towards leaving him here. And also it would be a distraction, probably, him being on the sidelines and the ESPN game focusing on that. We'll focus on the players who are going to play in the game."

Lane Kiffin when asked if Baxter has learned from the suspension:

"I think that's an ongoing process, just like raising children. Just because they get a little bit better doesn't mean they're not going to regress at times. With him it's something that we're constantly on. He says the right things, that he's learned from it. But his actions will speak a lot louder than his words."

Lane Kiffin on the uncertainty at left guard:

"We got to figure out that left guard spot. It's really confusing to us right now because we haven't had much time with Butch (Lewis), and then Zack (Heberer) we get back, and now he is hurt again. Reardon has been hurt most of the time that we have been here. We feel like the line is coming together pretty well in four of the five spots."

Lane Kiffin when asked about the running back rotation:

"Ideally you like to be a two-tailback team because of the wear and tear of the season. You would like to find two guys that are different, in styles that aren't the same, but you never know, it could be one, it could be three - but we would not like to be in a four or five system because I just don't know how you get your rhythm that way."

Lane Kiffin on Wednesday's walk-through

"Once again our walk-throughs are very dedicated to special teams, an extremely long special teams period. We need to really focus on (special teams) coming together now. As we look at getting guys healthy, and where they fit as far as guys that would potentially redshirt, that wouldn't, all of those that go into it. Special teams is the one thing that we really need to hone in about who we are playing where."

Lane Kiffin gives instructions to Allen Bradford during practice.

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