Chuckie Keeton Striving to Improve

Chuckie Keeton has received accolades and hype but he just keeps improving

Chuckie Keeton burst onto the college football scene as a true Freshman against defending champion Auburn. He was injured later that season. He had a very good Sophomore year and entered his Junior year as a Heisman Candidate. Again he got injured this time against BYU.

He will enter his Senior Year with many accolades and expectations but also coming back from an injury again. Chuckie always wants to improve, he wants to be the best. This summer he is trying to do just that. He has been called a "film junky and the hardest worker on the team".

Enter the Quarterback Guru Steve Clarkson. Something maybe a handful of coaches can claim. To be called a Guru you have to have a track record. Steve was recently featured on 60 minutes. He has coached the youngest QBs and also current NFL superstar QB's as well. <[> Chuckie was in California recently working with Steve and he said this about the experience.

"The greatness of Chuckie Keeton is his ability to play any offensive scheme. He has the mental toughness to make his team a legitimate threat to win against any program they play, just by his mere presence. Although he is seen as a duel threat QB, Chuckie has been very effective in Utah State's pro-style offense. He reminds me of Russell Wilson." -Steve Clarkson

Before someone tells me he doesn't play in a pro style system remember back to that Freshman Season with Robert Turbin and Michael Smith as well as a young Kerwynn Williams. That was a Pro Style Offense with Dave Baldwin calling the plays. Utah State's offense runs multiple sets as well showing how versatile Chuckie has become and how much he has improved every year.

I have a feeling Chuckie will continue to improve as well. That should scare some teams on the schedule in 2014 if Chuckie can be better than ever.

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