Utah State is first to offer Lopini Katoa

Hands and Toughness will take Lopini Katoa a long way

Utah State recently offered Lopini Katoa. Pini (pronounced Beanie) said "I am excited and it is really important to get that offer from USU. I just want to continue playing football."

When evaluating High School talent there are many things to consider. What I like to see is something that stands out or is elite.

The number one attribute of Pini is his HANDS. He played most at Running back at American Fork High School last year and over and over I saw him make great catches. I am not just talking about good hands for a RB but WR even. At the next level Lopini could end up playing on Defense or Offense. His close second best skill is his toughness. Because of that toughness I can see him being a very good MLB at Utah State.

Pini has big plans this summer, he will be attending All Poly, USU, BYU and Utah Camps. I think it was important to get that offer out to him before All Poly. I have a feeling it won't be his last. He is open to what position he plays in college.

The hardest part will be deciding where to put him on the field. Pini has a lot to offer on Offense and Defense. He could either be a slot receiver that you can get him the ball to run hard after the catch and get some tough yards. Or he could be a hard hitting LB or SS.

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