USU Juan Diego Satellite Camp

Utah State held a Satellite camp at Juan Diego. There was some good talent there.

Utah State was able to come to the Salt Lake Valley and hold 2 short camps. This is a great opportunity to see some new kids and get the Aggie brand out even more instate. More players came than the coaching staff expected and the talent was pretty good as well. None of the top 15 talent in state came but this week is the camp in Logan and there should be some really good talent there too. There were some kids that I hadn't seen and some that stood out. It was a good chance to see some younger kids for the first time too. With these short non padded camps the biggest benefit is getting a 40 time and seeing the players in drills.

Some of the standouts included Jackson McChesney and Adrian Rodriguez in the 40. McChesney is a 2017 recruit and if not the fastest, he was one of the most impressive at 4.53. Adrian Rodriguez is an undersized Center or Defensive tackle that will have a good high schools career. For a lineman to run sub 4.9 was pretty impressive.

In the impressive physically category were a couple guys. Bradyn Swanson is a 6'4 285 pounder from Springville. He told me he is getting a lot of interest from Idaho and schools like that. A relatively unknown kid that impressed was Dalton Baker from Payson. He is 6'4 and 228, moved well in the drills and passes the eye test. There will be more on him to come.

A recruit that has been solid on tape and had an impressive interception in drills was Nick Bernardo. He will be a very productive player this year at Linebacker for American Fork. By the way American Fork will be a very good team this year and had a couple players at this camp.

Two 2016 recruits that I really like (not just because they are from Sky View) are Colton Durrant and Max Christensen. It was interesting that Max plays Dline at Sky View but the USU coaches wanted to see him play with his hand off the ground as a LB. That is obviously a good thing when the coaches think you are athletic and fast enough to play off the line. Durrant has been solid on the Dline last year and in camps. I think he will be another Eric Berntson or Jordan Nielsen from Sky View in the past that can come in and play at the D1 level.

Probably the best O-line prospect at this camp was Demetrius Davis from Pleasant Grove. He is 6'4 and 275 guy. Probably will be a Guard at the next level so he will have to prove he is strong and athletic enough. Davis will be at USU for part of the padded camp to try to prove that.

Jackson Kaufusi is a familiar name. His brother was so close to committing to the Aggies but ended up with BYU. He will be a Junior this year and has not played varsity much if at all. This year should be a good year for him to show his potential.

Overall great success for the Utah State program. Maybe the biggest win for the program was getting 3 kids from Colorado to make the drive for a couple hours in front of the Staff.

All of these guys will be at a bunch of camps and the staff will have a chance to see them again. They all have potential, so we will be watching closely.

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