Introducing Dalton Baker

This under the radar guy could end up being one of the better players.

Look at Dalton Baker's picture. Do you see that gash on his face? I asked him about it and he told me it happened on the football field. "I was going after a tackle and my helmet came off". That sounded to me like a tough guy. The camp at Juan Diego was unpadded and all the drills were offensive. They had offensive lineman catching passes, for heaven sakes. Dalton made a good impression there and told me he loves Defense. "I have always been a linebacker, growing up I have always loved Defense." That made an impression on me and is a really good sign. Whether he ends up at TE or OLB that is a great mentality to have.

Dalton came to the Utah State's padded camp and really got a chance to shine for the coaches. They ran him through drills and he played 7 on 7. Luckily it is up to some good coaches to decide whether he plays TE or OLB because it will be a tough decision.

There are a couple reasons why Dalton has flown under the radar. First he is from Payson not a hot bed for recruiting. Also he is obviously spending more time working out than on Twitter. If you google him you will find a HUDL highlight that is about a minute long. That is not because there weren't highlight but because he got locked out of his account and has not had a chance to upload and edit his tape. That sounds like a perfect fit to be an Aggie to me!

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