New Utah State Commit

One of the guys that impressed at the USU camps gets an offer and commits soon after.

As reported here first Utah State decided to pull the trigger on an offer to Dalton Baker from Payson. Soon after he committed to the Aggies. This is a guy that was under the radar but is a good get still the same.

Dalton is projected as a TE and also could end up at OLB in my opinion. He showed good athletic ability and toughness at the camp.

I get to take some credit on this one (yea right). I have been high on him since I saw him at Juan Diego.

I caught up with Dalton and this is what he had to say. "I loved the facilities and my time there. I felt like it was home at Utah State!"

"The coach's seem so set the tone on what they want to do and that is win! I want to surround myself with winners and who want to work!"

Dalton also likes the staff "The reason I committed is the coaching staff number one! The Wells brothers are some of the coolest and funnest guys I know."

The talk about work ethic isn't just talk he is a hard worker and was able to show the staff at the camps.

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