Utah State's Walk-on Mentality

Zach Vigil is the poster boy or maybe just the spokesman. But regardless Utah State is building a culture that is helping the program improve.

I had a chance to sit down with a few players and coaches at Utah State recently. By far the most interesting thing that I have heard came from Zach Vigil. I asked him about Huerta and others including himself walking on at Utah State. Is that a culture or becoming a trend? "The Walkon Mentality is what is going to win the day, whether you are a walk-on or highly recruited guy you have to come in with that mentality. Nick and Kyler have that walk-on mentality."

"Every high school kid thinks they are really good. Especially if you are recruited it's easy to feel like you are something special"

Who is a guy that will surprise this year?

"I think Kyler Fackrell is the guy that will surprise some people. He is bigger and stronger now."

There are some fun options for Coach Orlando and Lorig with Nick Vigil and Kyler Fackrell lining up on the same side of the defense. Other LB's like L.T. Filiaga, Alex Huerta and Anthony Williams have impressed in camp and all bring different strengths.

Brandon Swindall:

Not a lot of Parade All Americans get under recruited, Brandon Swindall is that rare example. "I was getting recruited by Coach Wells when he was at New Mexico. When he came to Utah State he told me he wanted me to come here. I played defensive back and receiver in Oklahoma but didn't get recruited much because junior year wasn't as good." His senior year he had 8 interceptions for touchdowns which was a national record.

If Brandon didn't play football what would he do? "I would be a Rodeo Cowboy". Brandon loves to ride horses and grew up in rural oklahoma where roseos are huge.

"Me and Chuckie have been watching film together so it's going to help us be on the same page this year. We have come so close the last couple years. It hurts. One drive or one play is the difference. That gives us a drive to work harder" Brandon is a guy that has NFL and #1 WR potential and this year is poised for a breakout year. "The hard work in the offseason is important and being a leader this offseason is one of the new things I have worked on."

Brandon is confident that the WR group will be deep and will also come up with big plays this fall. It's going to be good to have Chuckie throwing the ball to a bunch of different guys.

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