The Real David Moala Update

Instead of speculating based on his twitter, actually knows what is going on. Here is the latest.

Months ago I brought out the fact that Utah State was trying to get David Moala. That may have led to a lot of conjecture and Aggie fans getting excited about him.

There is even other media reporting about this now based on his twitter?

The truth is he had to complete a Math and English class this summer at Cerritos CC. He has completed both and thinks that he passed them. The grade for the Math class has posted and he passed. The grade for the English class has not posted.

So regardless of what you hear from other outlets he is not eligible right now. He could be in 5 minutes or 5 days. He did arrive late last night and is close by just waiting to jump in to practice so he can complete his 5 day acclimation period.

There is the possibility that doesn't happen before the Tennessee game. That is one reason why I want to be 100% clear. I started this frenzy and I don't want everyone to get their hopes up or have incorrect information.

I have written about this many times but I think David Moala is a difference maker. The sooner he gets that grade posted and maybe eligible for Tennessee. He will help the Defensive line at some point but now the question is when.

I will update this when there is new info!

UPDATE: He passed his English class! He missed practice today. He is hoping to practice tomorrow and would be sooo close to being eligible for Sunday in Knoxville. I am trying to find out if they think he will be able to play or travel with the team.

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