Aggies will try to keep up with Arkansas St

Utah State has a tough test against a fast Arkansas State offense. The Red Wolves have skill at the skill positions.

Arkansas State knows one speed. FAST! The tempo of offense and the players at the skill positions are all fast. From Quarterback to Running backs to Wide Receivers, they are all fast. According to Defensive Coordinator Todd Orlando "They are extremely well coached. Their quarterback reminds me of Chuckie last year he can run he can pass. They have a bunch of playmakers. Each of those guys brings something different. They have done a great job of recruiting, I can tell you that."

The defensive backs and the whole defense will be in for a big test.

Against Wake Forest I saw improved play from the Nickle and Dime packages. Rashard Stewart and Frankie Sutera were the 2 guys that play that role as well as the versatility of Devin Centers. Frankie got an interception and was disappointed that he didn't take it to the end zone. "They give me a lot of crap for that. I told them to black the intended receiver or maybe that was my speed". Very high expectations for this defense.

Rashard Stewart was disappointed with a couple good plays that could have been great plays. "I had some chances to get the ball back to the offense so I can definitely get better."

There were a few changes against Wake Forest.

David Moala played for the first time. According to Coach Orlando "David Moala brings power. He needs to get in shape and also get up to speed. He's a little over weight and out of shape but we will give him 5-6 plays per game. As he get's in better shape we will get him more time."

Coach Orlando said "Centers can play so many different positions. He is a great athlete and a playmaker so he can play all over at Dime, Nickle or Safety". I have a feeling that Aggie fans are going to enjoy watching Devin Centers for a long time.

Offensive Note - First down efficiency and producing positive yards was the key to good drives saturday. Utah State was using the jet sweep and quick passes to the outside WR on those plays. Jo Jo and Hunter did a good job of running after the catch. Against Arkansas State the Aggies need to find a way to execute enough on first down to open things up for Garretson.

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