3 Big Time JUCO playmakers visit Utah State

The Aggies are trying to replace graduating Defensive Backs and Running Backs through JUCO recruiting. All 3 guys have very good size.

Treston Decoud, Ace Rogers and Devante Mays took their official visits this weekend. Utah State is looking at these 3 guys to replace Brian Suite, Rashard Stewart and Joe Hill. There are guys in the program that could step in and play but I think all 3 would make an immediate impact from day 1.

Treston Decoud is originally from Louisiana and so some people worried that visiting on a cold weekend would be a bad thing. I caught up with Treston and he told me "I had a great visit. Things are looking really good here I have loved everything."

Decoud is a big Corner that can be physical in press coverage and also run with quick WR's as well. Listed at 6'3 205 is big for a CB.

Ace Rogers is a Safety at Iowa Western CC. He is a physical Safety that can cover area and hit people. Originally started his career at Iowa State and is originally from Iowa as well. Some of the schools in the running for Ace include Illinois and Minnesota.

Devante Mays is one of the most interesting prospects coming out of JC this year. He is a "Big Back" the Aggies need to run instead of using a LB Nick Vigil in the run game. A one two punch or LaJuan Hunt and Devante Mays would be exciting next year.

Devante told me that he is hearing from a number of P5 schools including Utah that have told him they have to "wait and see". I would assume Utah is waiting to see if Devontae Booker goes pro. Devante really likes the Aggies and out of the current offers they are his #1 choice. My opinion on those other schools is they offer a bunch of guys and aren't afraid to "over offer" and pull offers so if it was me I would take that as they don't want me that much then. But then again I don't like to feel like plan B or C.

As I have said over and over again: The Aggies have a recruiting plan and develop/ use guys better than any school out there. These 3 guys fit a very specific need for next year and in my opinion would be able to come in and perform. This was a very good first weekend of official visits.

Devante Mays committed today (Tuesday). He told me he loved his visit and the Aggies Offense! He is the Big Bruising back the Aggies want.

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