Utah State working on the little things

Utah State basketball is starting over this year. They have a lot of work to do but they are fun to watch. They have things that should improve throughout the year.

Utah State fell to BYU 91-81 tonight. I knew this would be a game that would show where the Aggies are. It was a good barometer.

What it showed is that the Aggie bball team has talent, they can score and they are fun to watch.

It also showed even more the areas of concern. Things like Rebounding, turnovers and Depth are glaring issues right now.

These are things that can be improved. The team will be counting on guys like Sean Harris and Elston Jones to step up at times. A guy like Veeko or Bolton at PG would really help Perkins to play off the ball some. The Aggies are counting on True freshman to step up and guys that are brand new so there will be some ups and downs.Tonight was a perfect example, there was a five minute stretch that the Aggies really struggled.

Stew will figure out the rotation and who can do what and really have a chance to improve. I like this team and I see potential to finish strong in league play.

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