New OC search starts now

Here are some ideas of what we will look at for Offensive Coordinators. What are the most important traits of an OC?

Coach McGiven is headed to Oregon State to coach with Gary Andersen. Today Coach Wells was already making calls to replace him.

Here are the Key traits of an OC:

Play caller. This includes game planning and using the offensive weapons we have to the fullest. Creative but also smart. Think Boise State against Utah State this year, that is what I would like to see.

QB Coach most likely it is very important to develop QB's in the system. This was McGiven's biggest strength. The job is not done with Hobbs, Garretson and Myers.

When looking for a coach it is important to look at the individual coach and not necessarily at results. I say that because I will be breaking down systems that I like and automatically people will suggest someone with the best offense in the nation because we want that here. I personally would like to see a guy that can both pound the ball and throw it. It doesn't have to be a pro style, west coast or spread but one dimensional offenses do not work. I also think the Aggies should have a good running game and really good WR corp next year. The potential is there to have a special season.

Comes from a successful program: Boise State, Oregon, Arizona, Baylor are all offenses that are being copied for good reason. Utah State was 51st in total offense this year os there are quite a few teams that were better statistically. Just for reference the Number one team for long runs is Georgia Southern. #1 Long passes 20+ yards is Western Kentucky. Most Explosives: Marshall then Oregon. Red Zone Touchdown % USC and Navy. So looking at the the national stats what do I see? Teams like Boise State, Western Kentucky and Marshall seem to be out performing my expectations. Tyson Helton is in his first year as OC at WKU and has not real ties to the west other that being a GA at Hawaii previously. He reportedly makes $135,000 so that is possible. McGiven made over $185,000 so there is the possibility that a D1 OC would come to USU. But even some QB coaches make more than McGiven was making obviously. Marshall's OC Bill Legg makes over 200k.

Closer to home Don Bailey has completely turned around the Offense at Idaho State.

Zak Hill is a guy at Eastern Washington that has been successful as well.

Also the QB coach at Bowling Green, Sterlin Gilbert is a hot name as an OC/QB coach.

The other place that we can look would be connections to Wells and Utah State. That will come in the updated article.


Connections to Wells:

Brad Cornelson is an up and coming QB Coach at Memphis. He has coached with guys that Wells has coached with.

Charlie Stubbs would actually be a decent hire he was not a good head coach, see Nichols St. He was the OC at Tulsa with Kragthorpe and Wells from 2002-2006. He has the experience and ties that the Aggies would love at OC.

A guy like Aaron Roderick may be a long shot but he may be willing to jump now at Utah with everything going on right now.

A name that comes up everytime there is an opening at Utah State is Mike "Chico" Canales. He has no ties to the current staff but is a former player. He is the OC at North Texas right now.

Also some Aggie fans bring up names like Brandon Doman, former BYU OC. That may be a good guy for Utah recruiting but not sure he is the best overall candidate.

Also there are options inhouse. Those that are saying Coach Bouknight don't consider that Luke Wells is Co Offensive Coordinator, Jovon Bouknight is a very respected valuable coach and Coach Weber is the Head Assistant Coach. That would be a very unlikely uncommon promotion to jump 2 guys on the staff. There would still be the question of hiring a QB coach too. Usually it is easier to get a good QB coach if they have the title and additional pay as Offensive Coordinator.

So right now these are just ideas but more will come out soon.

Next years offense has the chance to be special with weapons like JoJo Natson, Brandon Swindall, Hunter Sharp, Devonte Robinson, Lajuan Hunt and Devante Mays. Beyond that there is also the best depth at QB in the country to work with. Damion Hobbs will be eligible next year to go with 3 of the 4 starting QB's.


Josh Heupel interviewed for the position this week. I am told there is a final 3 that will be interviewed. That would include Heupel and Bouknight as well as one other. Those interviews should wrap up this week. I would expect to find out the first of next week who it is.

Coach Bouknight is getting an interview as well. He is an internal candidate currently coaching the Receivers, he would work with Luke Wells as Co OC. He is well liked by players and current coaching staff.

Jeff Grimes is one of the other candidates. He is currently the Offensive Line coach at LSU. I would assume the connection may be Kragthorpe. Coach Kragthorpe is one of Coach Wells' trusted connections along with Weatherbie, Dickey, Stubbs and even guys like Tim DeRuyter. As I have mentioned before Coach Wells is looking at a very diverse pool of options with varying skills and experience.

It depends what happens with other options but it looks like it could be a Co OC, QB Coach or Offensive Coordinator with full control. It will be interesting to see.

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