Young Aggies developing Killer Instinct

Utah State beat UNLV 83-65 tonight. More importantly they continue to improve and gain confidence. This is still a young team but they are fun to watch.

Utah State struggled to finish off UNLV last time they played. They lost in overtime when most would say they should have won the game.

Some call it "Killer Instinct", being a "closer" or maybe just the will to win. This year the Aggies have lost some close games and they have won some close games that probably should not have been so close.

If you ask Stew Morrill it is all about Defense.

"They got worn down at the end and I like to think we were a part of that. We were behind at the half because we just couldn't get any stops. They made a lot of shots but I didn't think we were near active enough defensively. We played them primarily man-to-man the whole second half and we defended much better. Our offense played well the whole night and our defense played well in the second half".

If you ask Jalen Moore it is the teams improved confidence.

"This team is starting to play with more confidence and it has showed during this five game win streak".

I will tell you it is both. This team is growing up right before our eyes and really hasn't even scratched their potential yet. They Point Guard really needs to have that killer instinct and confidence and right now Darius Perkins knows he can kill most of the point guards he matches up against. Two of the biggest plays of the game though were Collette and Harris finishes down low after a few empty possessions. It takes more than one guy to be the "Closer".

Tonight this team played great Defense to finish the game. In the final 15 possessions UNLV only scored 4 times. Also Jalen Moore, Sean Harris, David Collette and Darius Perkins all hit huge shots to extend the lead and thwart what could have been a comeback or collapse.

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