Jaren Colston-Green Commits to Utah State

Jaren Colston-Green will join the Aggies aroung August 1st after completing some school requirements.


You can never have too many playmakers.

Jaren Colston-Green will add to a good WR corps this year and will have 3 years to play 3 as well. With the graduation of two of the bigger WR as well as top playmakers after this year this is a big signing.

Colston-Green is the son of Willie Green that played at Ole Miss and the NFL. He took a preferred walkon offer at Oklahoma State but was dissapointed that even though he was in the WR rotation he would have to wait until his JR year to get a scholarship. He had a friend at Arizona Western in Yuma Arizona so he decided to go there. Jaren went to HS in Tallahassee FL then a Prep School as well for a time in Atlants. It has been a long road but looks like he will have a home in Logan Utah playing for the Aggies!

Jaren Colston-Green is a Speedy receiver and at 6'2 has good size as well. He could play outside or in the slot. The current roster is a little heavy on WR's under 6'0.

"I really enjoyed my visit they really seem like not only just a team but a big family and being far away from home that helps a lot plus"

"I can help out this year then when all the Sr wr's leave I will already have been in the system"

"Plus it's a great program that's on the rise"

Jaren will need to finish 6 credits before playing at Utah State and is hoping to start practicing with the team around Aug 1st.

Looks like the Florida Pipeline is alive and well with Jaren Colston-Green, Craig Rucker, Marquise Brown and David Senior committing recently to Utah State.

Jaren just called the staff today to commit.

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