Question Marks Heading into Fall Camp

Right here you get the best coverage of Aggie Fall Camp. There will be some questions to answer during camp and this season in general. Which positions will we be watching?

As always, will be bringing you updates from fall camp regularly. We will be watching most of the practices this year and we are excited to pass that information on to you.

What will we be watching for? What questions will be answered?

The first question in my mind is on the Defensive line. A group that was unbelievably loaded and looked great in Spring has taken a hit. Adewale Adeoye and Edmund Faimalo are still recovering from the car crash earlier this summer. Travis Seefeldt is not expected to practice at all. That leaves some guys that need to step up and beyond a few guys they don't have a lot of experience. With David Moala the only returning NG from last year the coaching staff will have to decide whether any of the DE's can move inside and add depth. I personally think they put the best 3 guys in there or rotate the best 6 or 7 and that will be a good group.

The mentality of the Offense: Will Coach Heupel bring an different attitude? Will they be more explosive or physical? What is the identity of the Oline? Will they get that tough yard on 3rd or 4th down? I think personnel limited the options last year.

Will Chuckie Keeton stay healthy all year?

Hopefully this doesn't get answered in camp but we will update everyone on how he looks.

Which new guys will contribute on this team?

Last year after a couple practices you could tell LaJuan Hunt and Jalen Davis would contribute. Who will it be this year? Will it be a Corner? WR? Maybe a Dlineman or LB? New CB spot opposite Davis will probably come down to Bailey or Haney, both newcomers.

How will the Linebacker position look?

L.T. Filiaga is still limited from what I have heard. So how does the depth chart look after Nick Vigil, Kyler Fackrell and Torrey Green? There will be a few guys gunning for that 4th spot and really the inside position is even more important because they don't rotate out in Nickle. Alex Huerta has impressed in practice in the past. Anthony Williams got a lot of reps this Spring. There are a few Seniors that know this Defense forward and backwards so it will be fun to watch.

Will Ben Wysocki sneak in and win a starting spot over a returning Offensive lineman?

The 5 projected starters all saw significant playing time last year. Wysocki saw that time in the PAC12 at UCLA though and will add to the Oline depth one way or another.

It will be fun to watch one way or another so get ready for some great Utah State Football coverage here and only here.

What did we miss? If I didn't include there must be a reason. Go to the Forum and let's here what you are interested in.

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