3 Things to worry about for Utah State

What are the 3 things to worry about? Read up on the pivotal things heading into the 2015 season

So this article may be a product of no practice to attend. It may be a guy with too much time on his hands and already re-watched the previous games. But there are legitimate questions heading into the season and fans are worried about Utah State having a successful season.

Defensive Line Depth

Most importantly the games against Utah, Washington, Boise and BYU are the ones that come to mind. Utah has shown that they are able to wear down teams and will try to run the ball against the Aggies. The best way to overcome this is obviously stop the run on defense, hold the ball on offense and play ahead instead of letting teams get a lead and pound the ball. It's not anything against the players on the d-line there are just questions. Any team in the nation would have questions if they lost 3 key players off their D-line.

Right now it looks like Gasetoto Schuster will be the guy counted on to make the biggest contribution. The Aggies have had 2 or even 3 solid Nose Guards the last few years so this year may be different. Also the loss of Clark Jeppeson hurts as well. He is a guy that has some experience at both NG and DE and was playing really well.

Offensive Line Nastiness

Last year we watched teams like Boise, Wyoming and Tennessee have really tough offensive lines. The offensive line is made of almost all returning players so that should help with cohesiveness. The other key though is to be tough and even "Nasty". A newcomer in Ben Wysocki has brought some Nasty in to fall camp so that could be a good sign.

Coach Heupel

“They’re a tough group, they’re going to play physical, they’re going to compete. They work every single day and they’ve got a pretty good understanding of what we’re trying to do offensively. We just have to continue to develop our communication up front when we’re seeing movement and those type of things from the defensive front seven, but I like the group as a whole and their competitive spirit.”

About Wysocki

“Experience in playing. I don’t care what conference you’re in, the guy has played at a high level and he’s competed, and has competed since he’s gotten here. His versatility is something that’s a great necessity for us. He’s going to play and he’s going to start. With his versatility, we can move him to multiple positions, which helps us with our depth issues.”


Not a fun topic to write or talk about, injuries happen. The last 2 years, it seems they have happened more than average. This year there are many players coming back from injuries so this includes setbacks and new injuries. Not a lot of analysis here but I guess cross your fingers.

If the Aggies can have a special season it will take good performances from the Offensive and Defensive lines and play relatively injury free.

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