Utah Utes vs Utah State recap and top plays

What was the difference in this game between winning and losing?

It ended in a loss for Utah State. That is the bottom line. It was much more close than most people thought and the Aggies had a lot of chances to win this game as well. These were the most important games.


2 dropped passes in the redzone turned into 2 turnovers.

After a drop by Kennedy Williams that would have been at least a 1st down close to the goal line and probably a touchdown Utah got to Chuckie Keeton and forced a fumble.

A Chuckie Keeton pass in the redzone was just a little bit off and Zach VanLeewen tipped the pass into the outstretched arms of Gionni Paul.


3rd Quarter Offensive inefficiency.

On the first possession of the second half Utah State got the ball with the game tied. They had a couple good plays on 1st and 2nd down leaving a 3rd and 1 that LaJuan Hunt did not convert.

Whether Devante Mays would have converted that first down or gone down to score is not the point. If the Aggies get a first down it helps them keep the momentum and keeps the Utah Offense and the Aggies Defense off the field so much. There were 0 Devante Mays runs in the 3rd Quarter. After 3 three and outs the Aggies moved the ball well behind a couple good runs and then had a turnover. The Aggies had 2 straight good possessions until they ended with turnovers.


Britain Covey

The most effective playmaker on the Utes tonight was Britain Covey. When he was in the game the Utes offense was much more effective. He was great in the return game and single handedly setup the 4th Quarter field goal by Utah with a crazy return. I guess you could call him a 3 Star Recruit that the Aggies Lost to the Utes but if he is this important as a true freshman he is more like a Five star in my mind. He would be starting at a lot of schools in the nation in my opinion.


Lack of Turnovers by the Aggie Defense.

The Aggie offense did not have a chance to capitalize on a short field or get points out of special teams or Defense. This Defense is so good but tonight could not make the play when the opportunity was there. Jalen Davis had an interception slip through his hands in particular that really hurt.


Matt Wells after the game made a comment after the game that 3rd down and long are hard to convert. I agree but the Aggies had a 3 and out early that was 3rd and 5 then after a first down they didn't get a 3rd and 1 that Lajuan Hunt couldn't get. There were 2 3rd and 1 runs that Lajuan Hunt didn't convert actually.

So in the end Close doesn't matter and there are no moral victories but this has to make everyone more confident going to Washington and into Mountain West play.

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